Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Celebrity Spin Class, 2013

I'm back in Celebrity Spin Class, mes amis!  The class is three times a week for 10 weeks.  My hope is that it will help get my left leg in shape--I'm sure it will.

The cold this winter makes my leg very stiff.  It sucks really.  I can still see that my left thigh is much smaller than the right--its like there's no muscle--no big power muscle on the bone!  The spin will help thank goodness, but really going to have to get back into the gym and work.

The best thing that came out of spin class last year is that I met some great people--many of my old pals are back, and I've also made some new friends too!  Spin class is a workout for sure, and it keeps me motivated.

Bitter cold here means that I'm not going to try to ride my bike to class--even though its only about two or so miles and the barn is just off the bike path--I can't do 10 or 20 degrees yet!

Cheers!  Bruce

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