Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fresh Milk from the Farm

 We've had some rain, Gentle Readers of This Blog, but not enough to help out the farmers and ranchers around here.  I've been riding to work by bike, as you can see above, and I've had my last few session of physical therapy.  I rode to my sessions twice a week early in the morning before work.  That actually gave me 10 to 15 minutes extra with my therapist, Dorian, as I was already warmed-up.  Will, my personal trainer (whom I credit getting me stronger which lessened the impact of my accident) met with Dorian for one of my last sessions so she could just show him what she was trying to do--this will certainly help me when my knee is better and I'm working with Will at the Jim.
All I can say is that I was a bit impatient and wanted to heal faster.  Things just take time--and I will have at least another two months before I can really be 100%.  That is a hard pill to swallow--there have been times when I've been pretty angry and depressed this whole affair.  I cancelled my NYC trip twice on account that I just could not walk more than a few blocks without pain and an awkward limp.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've had to accept that I am older and there have been changes.  I'm not as fast and as strong--some things are harder.  I'm only human--I have and will make blunders--I'll be faster than some--I will get dropped.  But happily I am still riding and still find new roads and new challenges.  And as I ride with bike club I'm getting to know some fine people--makes me miss my friends in Tucson terribly...

 I get home from work and Little Egypt wants me to go get some milk.  Why drive (still rush hour traffic) when I can bike the half mile (or less) to the corner Dairy?

 So there is this small dairy operation not far from Lawrence, Kansas, USA and they have this tiny store on the corner.  The milk is so freakin' fresh mes amis that really I should by two of these.  One to drink there in the store and one to take home.  You'll see that they have chocolate milk too.  I got a sample and I was very tempted to buy one--by like I told the young woman working there--it would be drunk up in a few hours, possibly that very evening.


 Well, there is this part of the old street that will not stay paved.  They repave and then a few weeks later the bricks are back.  There is as a stop sign before a bit more busier street (Barker the one I take to Haskell) I don't know why or what happened here but the bricks have a story.  It will give you a jolt when drive over it--I do not ride over either--gives me goose-bumps.

 Milk and me are home!  That super fresh milk will taste divine with my Wheaties tomorrow morning mes amis!
Cheers!  Bruce

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