Monday, August 20, 2012

De Soto ride

I went out with the Bike Club for a 40 mile ride out to De Soto, KS and back.  It was a beautiful morning, Gentler Readers of This Blog!  and the miles we put in were some of the most scenic I've seen in KS yet!  I stayed in the group (mostly) which meant I could ride faster and work on getting my legs stronger.  Since I've lost all of my cardio fitness it was good to stay in the group--otherwise I'd be struggling in the winds.

We stop for a quick water and snack break just outside of De Soto.

Just about everyone I'm riding with I met in Celebrity Spin class.  Here we're riding from De Soto to Eudora, KS, in some pretty nice country.  Its mostly corn and soybeans out here--and as you can see, there's not much left of the corn crop.  Typically the corn would be emerald green and 9 feet high.  Looks to be only four feet--not much of a crop!

Often the women keep a much faster pace than us fellows--so the get to talking and suddenly they're up ahead of us!

No traffic out here at all--only deer, wild turkey, and thousands of birds chirping and singing. 


I'm feeling okay, but by the end of the ride I must be honest and tell you that I got tired.  Wind picked up and a few times on the hills and I was getting dropped--and I couldn't catch up with the pack.  A few of the guys stayed back and pulled me back up to the group.  I was able to ride back with everyone home to Lawrence!

Cheers!  Bruce

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