Tuesday, September 25, 2012

53 Miles

Riding the Super Grand Prix
I’ve been riding with The Bike Club the last few weeks.  As I’m trying not to get dropped and staying in the pace-line, it’s hard to have the camera out for a few shots—but I will try next time.

I just want to comment that I went out with the Club and there were about ten or twelve of us.  The plan was to stay together until the “Llama Farm” and then people would decide it they wanted to go out further, and do 45-50 miles—or turn back and head into town. 

For me I chose to keep going, mes amis.  I wanted to see how far I could push my leg and my heart.  One thing that has been slow to return is the cardio—cardio that was so awesome after spending the winter in Celebrity Spin Class.  So at the Farm, I said I’d go, and it turned out that there would be just the four of us—the three other riders being faster ones.  There was a guy Ed, Aagje (from Amsterdam), and Brenda—power-house woman, oh and Yours.  I told everyone that as long as I could see them up ahead, I’d be okay.  We’d be in an area I didn’t know, and well if I got lost I’d just use the Sun to get my bearings and head northwest back to Lawrence—it would be fine.  We were off and we were off fast!  On the hills I got dropped but the guys waited for me at the stop signs—after two long slow climbs (and in a headwind) then on the flat prairie, we were four fast riders making our way to Gardner, Kansas.  Hey all I did was stick on my pals’ wheels and try to take my turn doing a pull—which was not often as any hill punched me out.

The Day was beautiful and cool with thin autumn clouds over us as we rode.  Me I felt stronger as we went further and faster.  The roads were new and I liked staying together as a group.  The bike club has fast people and slow people.  We tend to really spread out and people get dropped.  There are always the five or six people pushing a fast pace—a few in the middle a bit back—and then the slower group.  We really don’t ride together much.  Since my injury and recovery, I’ve been back in the slower group—and hey it is fun!  You get to talk to people and make friends!  No one’s trying to out-do you and stuff. 

Now I had a chance to work hard and stay with faster riders—being in better condition I know I’d be up there right with ‘em instead of struggling to keep a wheel--them looking back to make sure I was not dropped. 

We made it to Wellsville, Kansas, Gentle Readers of This Blog—a beautiful place and on a lovely Sunday morning while the villagers of said town were in the large old church that we came upon.  This was God’s Country—pick-ups and mommy vans neatly nestled in the church’s parking lot—one hundred years ago it would have been the same except for maybe a few saddle horses tied up in the shade trees that lined the brick Main Street.

Water bottles filled and then with Aagje and Brenda wanting to get back, we thought we’d go back and skip Gardner—saved for another day, mes amis.

With a strong tail wind and a slight descent, the miles went by quickly.  I got to talk to Brenda for awhile and things seemed effortless even with the fast pace she kept.  As we neared Baldwind City, there were a few climbs to tackle, and I got dropped but could see everyone up ahead--I was able to gain on them as things flattened out, but even with a tail wind they were a group and the inched ahead.  We regrouped in Baldwin and filled our bottles.  We would have a bullet fast downhill waiting just ahead outside of town on Palmyra Hill--I usually max out at 40 mph and that sets the pace for the return to Lawrence.

A few miles from town I had a puncture and I told everyone to just keep going.  I fixed the flat in a few minutes and then was on my way again, and then rolled up to the Little House at 1 o'clock.

The best thing about this ride was the fast pace, but still better the recovery time.  After my other rides with the club I'd come home and be shot the whole rest of the day.   This time I didn't feel too bad--it did help that later I got to have a two hour sleep.

I'm just feeling better every day, and every ride stronger and better on the bike. 

Thanks for stopping by, Gentle Reader of This Blog...

Cheers!  Bruce

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Dan Trued said...

At least you can keep up with people, the only ones I catch now, are the ones on Walmart bikes with a big spring suspension gizmo in the frame types.

Dan T.