Monday, August 20, 2012

Far From Home

Many "Free Staters" came from New England to settle Lawrence.

Riding my bike to physical therapy this morning, I took some of the new bike path that's just west of Iowa Street, or Hwy 59.  I came upon the often mentioned and read about Pioneer Cemetery by chance, and as I had a few extra minutes I stopped in to look around.

The cane I'm using for physical therapy collapses and rides with me.


There were a few commuters out--this woman was in a hurry--and dressed for Winter!  It was a cool 50 degrees this morning--nice after weeks of 100 degrees, mes amis!

I will take the bike route rather than ride the narrow sidewalk up the hill that's next to Iowa St.

Busy Corner, USA--lots of construction on the sidewalks so I took the bike path--which I found to be mostly under construction as well.  I had to dismount several times and walk--but that was okay because it lead right to the Pioneer Cemetery.

Click to make the photo lager and you can read about the cemetery.   This is were the 150 or so men were buried originally after Quantrill's Raid, August 21st, 1863.


Here's a headstone--I read that Mr. Sargent was holding his infant son in his arms when he was shot and killed--the Raiders spared his son.

I found two of the four headstones, the rest are at Oak Hill, which is not far from where I live in Old East Lawrence.

Civil War Soldiers buried here.

Physical Therapy.  I rode here by bike to warm up and loosen up my legs for my physical therapy workout.

After physical therapy I ride back through Old West Lawrence--mostly on top of Mt. Oread--to get back to Haskell for work.  I could tell I was near Sorority Row because of the speeds at which the women drove through the neighborhood.  The bike route is the back way in to the Houses--and those young women drive super fast--super fast in big expensive shiny cars!  I will avoid this area when ever possible, Gentle Readers of This Blog...

Back on roads I know well--here I am on top of Mr. Oread, which is the KU Campus and my old office.  That's Fraser Hall with the flags.

This is looking East down 14th Street, the street I would ride up every morning to go to work.  I'll cut down 14th then to Barker, and be to work at Haskell in no time.

Back home after work!  Thanks for riding along!

Cheers!  Bruce


Anonymous said...

I love old cemeteries. I also like the campus cruiser. Looks like a comfortable ride.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey Boss! Good to hear from you! Yeah that old cemetery was on a hill top outside of town then--of course now a Hwy and KU campus buildings slowly taking over this part of the prairie. I'm surprised that not more people know of its location or of Quantrill's Raid 149 years ago. Wnen I mention to most people here in town they've never heard of the raid or that Lawrence was burned to the ground.

When I rode yesterday with the Bike Club, we came back into Lawrence on the route William Quantrill and his men used to ride into town that August morning. 400 men on horseback, heavily armed, and seeking revenge!

Take Care, Boss Man!