Sunday, June 19, 2011

River Ride -- River of Blood

Taking a break in the shade of the Cottonwood Trees near the banks of the Kansas River.

Little Egypt and Son Rico have discovered biking along the WPA era levies here in Interzone. For exercise and something to do, I got them to ride through old historic downtown, cross the river, and then ride on the levy trail.

They had a great time as it was cool, flat, and beautiful to behold. On one side the endless forest of huge cottonwoods along the river bank--then the levy, which we rode on top of for six long uninterrupted miles--and then the miles of corn and wheat fields to the other side of the levy. We all enjoy this ride and have ridden it a few more times since I've posted this (late so sorry about that Gentle Readers of This Blog...)

Actually, the morning before this ride, I got up to go search for my Desert San Campus Bike. Rico had borrowed it--because he thought it looked cool and "Dutch"--and as I feared he returned home after playing at 3 a.m. the morning--and he did not bring my bike back.

So, as I'm an early riser--I went to his friend's and fellow band mate's house to fetch it with the car. It was not on the front porch. Shit--where is my bike! So I drove to his other friends house--it was not on their front porch either.

I drove down Mass Ave here in Interzone, past the bars--looking for my bike locked up against some light pole or parking meter by the clubs that he plays in--I couldn't find the bike. It had better not be lost. I knew down deep I should not have loaned it to him. He has his own bike.

I figured he must have it locked in a garage at a friend's, or inside a mate's house. He knows that I use the bike to commute to work, to go to the store--to go everywhere. He wouldn't carelessly let my bike get ripped off.

As I was driving through a side street, I noticed a roadie walking his bike up the street. He was limping--and then I saw blood dripping down his face and and chin and on his jersey. I stopped and asked him if was okay--holy shit--but he had taken a spill!

Could I help out? Give him a ride home? Take him to the hospital? He said he just lived up the street a few houses. He had started out for his morning ride and gone a few blocks. He ran over a stick or limb or something like that in the street and it locked up his front wheel. He said he went over the handle bars. Whoa... and had done a face-plant, mes amis. He assured me he was okay.

I drove on home and just waited around for the tribe at the Little House to get up out of bed. Later that morning Rico and I went over to his band mate's place and got the Campus Bike out from the front living room. Rico had gotten a ride home as it had been raining pretty hard, and was windy.

Later while we were riding along the levy, I told Rico and Little Egypt about the roadie that had crashed as he set out from his house--running over a branch that had fallen from the night's storm--and caused him to have a spill.



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