Sunday, June 05, 2011

Interzone Summer

Riding out to Clinton Lake.

We were not able to get out for a ride until Noon--which made the ride a bit tough as it was very hot, mes amis! I had never been out to the big lake, plus Ron was needing to get back earlier this time. It was hot, we were pressed for time--so we did Ron's short (30 miles) Crit training course.

Clinton Lake.

We rode out to Clinton Lake to where you can actually go up to the water. Here is where boats put in--everything smelled very lake and fishy--and it was pretty hot and humid too.

Taking a break in the shade before we head back.

Lake is in the background--shade is nice but like I said, the smelled pretty ripe--like rotting bait and oily-gas from the boats.

Heading back into town.

Bike Path in the Clinton Lake Spillway.

Ron told me he believes he saw a cougar out here in the tall reeds one early morning while out riding. The bike running path starts at near the edge of town and goes out to the lake. The mountain bikers use bike path in the spillway as a highway to get to what I've heard are excellent trails around the lake.

The bike path also is part of an old rail line that cuts through a few farms on the edge of the city.

A little girl biking...

Trees provide some shade and a break from the gusty wind now starting up this afternoon.

Main Haskell building from 1884.

Ron takes off for home so I cut through Haskell Campus to get back to our Little House in Old East Lawrence.

Victory Arch built in 1926 to honor American Indian War Dead.

Got a bit of a sunburn this afternoon--need to wear sunscreen!

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