Saturday, June 04, 2011

Band Aid Interzone

Midnight run with some drum parts Rico forgot for the show.

When Rico plays at the clubs with his band, I usually go out and see them play. This show was going to be about Midnight--which means 12:30 or close to 1 a.m. I had to work the next morning, so I thought I'd sit this one out--but Rico called me and needed something for his drums that he'd forgotten--so I rode down to the pub about two miles away to get the parts to him.

Summer time and bikes and beer go together--along with a good band.

I thought I would stay as his band was supposed to go first--instead they went last. The first band was pretty good but the second band was pretty freakin' loud, mes amis! I had forgotten to bring ear plugs--dang!

Setting up the drums for their set.

The band before Rico's, from Oklahoma City, is a pretty awesome group of young guys--however Gentle Readers of This Blog--this time they arrived shit-faced drunk. Also they were all of them pretty stoned as well. They were off and things didn't go so good. Normally they're right on the money but lately they've showed up and been lame.

Sad that this has to happen to these young musicians--they're talented, but they often go down that road of being plastered and stoned before, during, and after their shows. To drive five or six hours all the way up from OKC--just to play for 200 bucks or less--then get totally fucked-up is a waste.

Shit beer.

Rico is on the far right--the guys had a good show! Rico's band had one of their best shows ever!

Riding home at 1:30 a.m. after the show.

A great show for Rico and there was a big audience that had a good time--I needed to get home and get some sleep, so I slipped outta there. The night was actually cool and peaceful as I zipped home on the Campus Bike. But then all of the sudden it was like every Interzone Police Cruiser came blasting into town from all directions--sirens and lights--a very dramatic entrance with a light show to boot. One patrol car came speeding past me at like 50 MPH, mes amis!

Oh yeah, my ears have been ringing all weekend--got to always have ear plugs!

Cheers! Bruce

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Anonymous said...

PBR was good in the old days, then I think they took some short cuts. But after the second one it usually doesn't matter what you're drinking.