Sunday, December 05, 2010

December Morning Ride, 2010

Me and the Boss on the road.

I thought I'd have a weekend of chores to do around the house, when The Boss sent a text inviting me out for a quick Sunday morning ride. I was up for it and got the bike ready and packed Saturday Night.

The old jeep road up and over the Tortolitas.

Way up on the Northwest side, at the end of Thornydale, used to be the old jeep road that hunters took deep into the Tortolitas. A very wealthy developer, the Campbells Soup Heir--same guy who also developed up around Teluride--bought and developed out here. This is were the ultra-rich have big multi-million dollar getaways. Tiger Woods has a place so they say. Boss had never been out here so I took him a bit off our regular course to show him what was up.

Saguaro Ranch.

They built this tunnel-- costing into the millions--as the entrance to Saguaro Ranch. The jeep trail still remains but you have to have a serious four-wheel drive to get up and over, mes amis. Sadly, the developer went bankrupt--but as far as the local people will tell you--the damage has already been done. Yeah it was hot when Tiger was out here--but now its kind of a dead end.

Going through the tunnel.

Used to be very remote and hunters told me that there were mustangs in there.

Inside it is another world!

It is very beautiful in here, Gentle Readers of This Blog, and we just go in the entrance as we don't want to bother anyone, plus there is a guard house. The guards will tolerate you coming in for a few minutes but you must be on your way if you have no business in the development.

Many home sites have not been started.

I have to tell you, mes amis, that as beautiful as this part of the desert is, it is remote and very hot most of the time--I mean I like it and all, but this is an area where you don't want to be when its warm--blazing and deadly hot. Living out here would be pretty tough. You can really only spend any time out here in the winter.

We roll out of the Ranch.

Heading East on Moore Rd.

We get a bit of a headwind as we start back home. Mt. Lemmon is warming itself like a big sleeping bear in the pale December sunshine. After El Tour a few weeks ago, most of the local roadies have taken to sleeping in these cold mornings in Tucson.

Rancho Vistoso!

Rancho Vistoso has wide bike lanes and we can ride fast and make time to get back home. Its a development sort of built on top of flat mountain, and by bike its the best.

Mt. Lemmon looks cold and sleepy this morning.

Pusch Ridge.

Boss and I will ride around the base of Pusch Ridge and then back up Ina to Campbell.

I didn't seem to get warm and I thought it chilly--still we had a pretty good ride, mes amis!

Traffic as people get up and get moving.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Cheers! Bruce

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Big Clyde said...

Hello, Bruce. I saw you recently stopped by my blog. Thanks for that. I always love your pictures because I ride the same routes (just not as often as you!).

Stay safe out there, my friend.

Big Clyde