Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tucson Thanksgiving -- Time to Ride

We arrive at Saguaro National Park!

Dave Glasgow and I will do some miles in Saguaro National Park, East this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, 2010. I drive from Dog Mtn and meet at Dave's house over by the U of A, and then we drive out the rest of the way together. That saves all the driving for me, plus we both get in on Dave's Park Pass.

My coach and mentor, Dave Glasgow...

Dave crashed on the Cochise County Cycling Classic--or Cochise as we all call it--back on October 9th. At the time he told me he suffered four broken ribs, but today he's told me besides the ribs, he ruptured his spleen and bruised his remaining kidney. The other kidney he donated to a family member a few years ago. I did not know the extent of his injuries--riding with a ruptured spleen is pretty dangerous, mes amis--if he were to have another spill it would be life-threatening. So we're going to take it easy.

Visitor's Center at Saguaro Nat'l Park East.

For now there's only cyclists entering the Park which is good because there won't be any car traffic. Not that I mind, its just that people visiting in cars will stop often and drive slow so to take in the sites. You need to keep an eye open so you don't suddenly run into someone from behind while they're stopped.

Dave in the Park, Mt. Lemmon off in the background.

It was pretty cold this morning in Tucson, Arizona, Gentle Readers of This Blog! I'm glad I brought the leg warmers. As we did a few laps around the 8 Mile Loop, and then picnic area, we warmed up a bit--however there was a cool breeze for us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Beauty of the Desert.

Even though its only about 50 degrees, Saguaro Nat'l Park is still beautiful and well worth the trip this morning. The air is cool and clean, and Winter is now in charge--but taking it easy I'd say--not so cold that we're feeling uncomfortable.

Dave feels good this morning.

We set a strong pace and enjoy the rollers the 8 Mile Loop has to offer. There's lots of riders in the Park and we chat with everyone--locals out for an extra few days of riding, and visitors riding here for the first time. Its a good day to be on the bike!

America's Best Idea--The National Parks... That's something I'm very thankful for this lovely Thanksgiving Day!

The Rincon Mountain Range, and the saguaro cactus sunning themselves in the late morning warm sunshine.

Mt. Lemmon, my old friend--I bet it's a bit cold up there today!

Saguaro--this large one is by the side of the road is probably quite old as it has several arms. The City of Tucson is off in the distance, about 30 miles as the crow flys.

Rex, a friend of Dave's stops by to say hello, ask Dave how he's been since the spill.

We see so many of Dave's friends today--I would say we were invited to at least five Thanksgiving Dinners! Dave is feeling better and soon we're on our way to a his favorite Chinese Restaurant for spicy hot vegetarian food for a late lunch. I can't do spicy or hot--just had Sesame Chicken, which is a specialty at Old Peking where we had our food.

Cheers! Bruce

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