Friday, December 17, 2010

Farewell to Callie

Callie was a good dog and a great friend!

Callie began a gradual decline the last few weeks, Gentle Reader of This Blog, and this Tuesday last, she passed away here at our home in Tucson. Little Egypt came back for the holiday this last weekend too, and soon after Callie started to fade. My good friend John, a veterinarian, came over in the morning and helped her on her way.

Callie waits for me to take her to the park--our morning and evening routine.

Callie and I did one last trip to the park before she passed away--very early in the morning. She took her ball, but just checked out everything and we came back.

Callie loved Susan's wraps!

While Susan was here for a week in November, when we rode the Mt. Lemmon 200 Brevet, Callie's health improved and we thought she'd make it through to Christmas.

Callie loved to sit in trunk of my car on the weekends, and watch the world go by.

Ready to go for a hamburger!

I got Callie ready for our road-trip to Lawrence, Kansas by taking her everywhere with me. Used to be a car trip was to Petsmart and the dog beauty shop--which she was not that trilled about. Instead we went for a hamburger, her favorite thing!

Road trip in September.

Callie in Rico and Little Egypt's house in Lawrence.

Summer in Kansas.

Callie was 15 years old and we still walked and played catch every day.

My best friend--I'll miss her...

Farewell, Callie! Allure Libre!


susan said...

Very nice tribute, Bruce. I remember Callie for her superhuman ability to focus. Once her eyes locked on the target, you couldn't shake her resolve or distract her. She could not be persuaded to move her eyes from it. A randonneur could learn a lot from that kind of focus and determination.

Big Clyde said...

Sorry for your loss, Bruce. She was a beauty.

Dan Trued said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of Callie. I really enjoyed the pics of her in your blog.


Doohickie said...

Sorry, Bruce.

Sounds like she had a long and full life.

Phil said...

Sorry about Callie. She was obviously a happy dog. My roommate of nearly 13 years, Popurrie the cat, went on her final prowl early last month.

It's amazing how entwined we become with our little buddies. I suppose they have other walks to take, other fields to prowl.

Sir Bikesalot said...

Sorry to hear about Callie Bruce. She was as good a dog as ever there was. I remember throwing that spit soaked ball out into the neighborhood for her to fetch while you got your stuff ready to give me a lift back to my car when I'd just bagged my last 600k attempt and was coming back to the world of the livng. She'll be missed.

bikingbrady said...

Sorry to hear Bruce. I have one getting close too and it's hard.

Ryan said...

A very kind tribute to a good friend. I'm sorry to hear the news.


Steve Atkins said...

Bruce, so sorry for your loss, we too are Labrador lovers and understand the loss of your best friend.