Thursday, January 21, 2010


text-hole -- For the definition, see here

I’ve told you about my neighbor that I get a ride with back to Dog Mtn. She’s probably your typical Tucson driver: Big-ass SUV, speeder, tailgater, cell phone blabber, and all-around aggressive mean piece of shit. Not driving a car, she’s quite a pleasant person.

This trip she texted almost the whole way home—about 20 minutes none-stop—oh, and while tail-gating some poor bastard.

I think when she drives her SUV, she feels like she’s got a penis—just another prick flexing their entitlement, n’es cet pas, mes amis?

I just wear my street clothes for the quick ride to Heather's office. Big Sexy has fenders so that will keep me dry for the trip as well.

A cold wet day in Tucson--snow on Mt. Lemmon.

There's a new park close by Heather's office for bikes, runners, and horseback riders. It's very pleasant and there seems to be an old neighborhood where people have kept horses as I saw many stables and many horses--horses that looked happy and healthy--as in people actually ride them right there in the river breaks.

Here’s what she thinks of my innuendos about safety and courtesy

Cheers! Bruce


Sir Bikesalot said...

Sweet! Fresh finger! You can't get any fresher than in the same car! Did you get spit on or a beer bottle thrown at you?

I got honked at yesterday and when I caught up to the guy I was so intent on staring him down that I didn't see that the light was red and blew the light right in front of the guy(traffic hadn't started to move through the light though) How's that for abject humiliation? Gonna leave my reaction to a friendly wave next time and remember the idiot has to live with himself for the rest of his life and that is punishment enough.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hi Paul--you know, my neighbor pictured in the blog, she grew up rich and spoiled. Now my neighbors can hardly afford the payments and gas. They spend most of their income to float this monster SUV down the road--mailnly because Heather feels "safe" having it to drive--when in fact she terrorizes and bullies everyone else.

One payment and gas for one month probably equals what several Haitians might make in one year.

I not knocking nice cars and people buying them--just the attitude taken by people like my neighbor when they get on the road.

She has told me that the reason she has to drive so aggressively is that everybody else does the same--and the big SUV means "I'm bigger than you, so outta my way."

Sir Bikesalot said...

Nice. It's the 4 year old "but timmy does it too" excuse when kids give when called on the carpet.

You should lookup the Simpson's Canyonero song on youtube. It's highly appropriate.

Interestingly enough large SUV's aren't safer statistically. It's a false sense of security but oh well. Sometimes it's better to "FEEL" safe than be safe I guess. ;)