Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bike Crash

I was on Big Sexy and riding to meet Rico for evac—10 mile ride on the River Path tops. Just wearing my street clothes because it’s cool outside and the trip is short and quick.

There’s a narrow rail walking bridge and I was crossing, two walkers lined up single file on the right as I was coming behind them. I was riding carefully and had slowed down to pass them on the left.

Just then two blokes riding a bit fast, in my opinion, came onto the bridge. I was already past the walkers and merging back onto the right side.

I think the first rider over re-acted a bit as he braked, and his mate, who was right on his wheel couldn’t stop and rear-ended the first rider—and they went down.

They were okay, but I didn’t stick around—there is a bit of a blind spot on that bridge as you approach—so you have to slow down. You have to be careful.

My feelings about the multi-use path—concerning bikes—is that if you want to ride balls out, this is not the place. There are too many runners, walkers, people with their dogs and kids, and horseback riders.

If you want to ride fast, ride up on River Road which has a wide and smooth bike lane—of course it’s a bit more dangerous with all the car traffic.

Parts of the River Path are remote, so I believe its okay to ride 20 mph—but certainly not around the parks where people are walking and running and playing with their children.

See I have seen guys like the ones that were going too fast almost run down old ladies—and I think it’s rude on the part of cyclists. I have no sympathy for the guys that crashed.

They were being reckless.


Anonymous said...

Agreed - No reason ever to go fast over those bridges.


Doohickie said...

When I read the title I feared the worst; I'm glad ol' Big Sexy didn't get caught up in that and that you're okay.

I got on my Marathon this week, using it as a backup commuter since I've been having wheel problems on my primary ride.