Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Bit About Javelinas

Angelina Javelina

We have a neighborhood herd of javelinas up in Dog Mtn and I encountered them late last night. I was adjusting my Lumotec head lamp in our cul-de-sac, when I switched on and aimed the light as I came out of the driveway and down the street—there they were—all twenty-five or so of them. I quickly turned right around and headed back to my garage. Javelina stand their ground and fight. They are best left alone, Gentle Readers of This Blog.

An unfortunate runner came upon one not but a week ago and it attacked him. Other runners got the javelina off him—a police officer in his patrol car arrived, sounded his sirens, and that scared the animal away. But when it shortly returned to dish out some more fury, the officer shot and killed it. It tested positive for rabies so I hear.

At 5:30 a.m. when I rolled out, I was serenaded by a pack of coyotes. They sounded like they were in our backyard they were so close by. I didn’t mind them and just hoped the javelinas were long gone.


On the Raleigh Super Grand Prix in the cool evening, Tucson, Arizona.

My morning ride in seemed colder than normal—and the climbing seemed harder too. There’s more traffic and the roads are worn and rough. I took the long 27 mile route. When I got into the office finally—after almost two hours—I felt beat up.

I set up my Lumotec with the Schmidt Dynamo Hub, instead of using my Layton Light. I had also charged up my commuter battery light, so I added it so I could drain the battery down--it's not good to keep it stored and charged, it's best to drain it down--so I used the 10 watt commuter light on the up-hill to lessen the drag of the hub. I don't know if it's me just out of shape, but I sure notice the drag at times. The Schmidt Hub I'll need on the 300 coming up in late February.

All aboard the Freakin' Land Yacht!

After work, I got to my neighbor's office and stowed the bike--and I told her about the javelinas I startled last night. She said since they're building some sort of new apt complex in Dog Mtn, the javelina's habitat has been razed, and now they're displaced, and looking for food in the neighborhood. Kind of sad I think.

The desert is quickly disappearing, mes amis. If more people could experience the beauty of the desert instead of just zooming through in their cars, maybe we'd have more desert and birds and rabbits and mountain lions and bob cats, etc etc etc--instead of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McD's and Subway.

Allure Libre, mes amis! Bruce

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Attacked by a rabid Javelina! That's a new twist. Packs of Coyotes give me a little pause. A few of them aren't a big deal. I hope your neighborhood stays a little 'out there' for a long time. I remember how brilliant the stars were when I took off for Mexico from your house last year early in the morning, and how nice the night in the desert was heading down Tangerine. Unfortunately progress dictates that we take the best things in life that are free and turn them into mediocre things in life that cost money.