Monday, January 12, 2009

A Ride in the Country

A cold breeze but very sunny skies.

Susan comes to town to do one last ride before she takes off back to Nevada. We leave Dog Mtn and I suggest we ride out to, and up "A" Mountain. Susan's never done that ride so we're off--off through the cotton fields of North West Tucson, skirting the edge of Saguaro Nat'l Park, and through a very old Spanish section of Downtown.

Just after entering the park near the base of "A" Mountain, downtown comes into view.

The top of the moutnain over Susan's left shoulder. This road is the ancient path of native americans that used this as a look-out post. Then it was a observation post for the Spanish Army, the American Army, and the road has changed from foot path, to mule train road, to scenic drive.

Last time I did this climb, it was 102 degrees in the summer. Today the wind is quite cold.

Left side of photo is Rincon Peak, part of Saguaro Nat'l Park East. Right is looking toward Mexico.

Ancient valley, Spanish Settlement, now Tucson, Arizona.

Rincon Peak way back there. Susan and I have ridden 30 miles out from my place in Dog Mtn. We rode pretty fast but now the wind is picking up, its a bit cold, and we'll have the six-mile climb at the end back up to Dog Mtn.

We've taken Silverbell to downtown Tucson, which was pretty much the El Tour de Tucson route. Slowly Silverbell is becoming re-paved which is nice--we rode thru the boonies right into the center of downtown Tucson, 30 miles, in about and hour and half. Here we are at the end of Silverbell and heading back into rugged Twin Peaks Rd area.

It's me. I'm riding pretty strong and keeping up with Susan at least. I wore my thin winter layer, so I have to say that I was cold most of the ride.

We have ridden 60 fast miles. Now we have to do the climb back up to my house. This six-mile climb used to be a slog, but its becoming easier. The road is much better for one thing. It was pretty beat up until it was re-paved, and I always got a flat somewhere along the way. We make quick work of this section as Mt. Lemmon snow reflects the early afternoon sun.

This has been a recovery ride for Susan. She's spent a few weeks in Tucson and Casa Grande riding with friends and training for the 300 KM Brevet.

Cheers! Thanks for riding along!

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