Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bruce's Blocked Bike Blog

A few days before Barack Obama was to take office, the institution where I work--The Desert San (not it's real handle, but a nick-name from 1924 when it was a TB sanitarium) blocked most of the Internet.  They figured that we'd all be watching Obama on our computers instead of doing our jobs.  

Pretty much I used my lunch hour to up-load my photos and write a few things for you Gentle Reader.  Now my website is blocked, and all the websites and blogs of my pals seem to be blocked as well.    This is campus wide censorship--but they own everything and in all fairness they must protect the privacy of patients, etc. etc, records, and data.  Friends I have in the Systems Dept tell me they thwart hackers on a daily bases.  

Much of the information I get about the world--papers, blogs, and stuff like that--I can't read until I get back to Dog Mtn.  

It just means that the little window of time I had to write about life on my bike has to be moved to the evening.  That's okay.  More adventure is on the way!   So please stay tuned!  

Oh yeah--I've dropped my camera a few too many times while out riding.  One more slip and I think Lil Trusty will be kaput.


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