Friday, January 30, 2009

Raleigh Marathon Bike for Sale

I’ve decided to sell the Raleigh Marathon, circa 1984—too many bikes are packed in the garage at home. I don’t have the time, the money—or the heart, to make this big old bike into a single speed. After Phil over-hauled everything, it was like a brand new ride.


I’ve only used it for rides down to the café on the weekend—and to go to church on Sunday (just playing!) I’ve taken it on the road for a couple 80 and 90 mile rides and its been sweet.

Phil,owner of Pima Street Bicycle will let me keep it at the shop for a few months until a buyer arrives. The thing about this bike is that it’s a 69 cm frame. It is Enormous, huge, gigantic—even a bit too big for me to ride. My hope is that some one out there will find this bike and it will be the steel machine they’ve been dreaming of.

I recently paid a small fortune to have that Schwinn Twin I brought back from Tulsa made ready to ride. That old tandem takes up a lot of room in the garage, Gentle Reader, I must say!

Finally, I’ve no emotional attachment to this bike. It’s a good bike and if it was all I had, then I’d be happy—but my hope is that the right man or woman will find this old Raleigh and put in the miles it was made for.

Cheers! Bruce


Doohickie said...

That link between us as fellow Marathon owners will be gone. :(

Are you advertising on Craigslist? Also, you might want to mention it over on Good luck with the sale.

Doohickie said...

Occasionally I point someone to this post, usually some from that is looking for a large frame bike. So... if you ever sell Big Sexy, please post as much in the comments so we know, okay?