Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tucson Rain

I’m off the bike. I have no excuse. The weather says rain rain and more rain, but it is not raining. We have well respected weather forecasters—the one I watch mostly is kind of attractive… But you know, with all the fancy computer generated graphics and computer models—they, as in all of them on the local channels, have been wrong 100%. I could have ridden everyday but I let them sway me.

I have noticed the weather humans on the television that the men stand in the screen and appear from the waist up. My weather woman has a rather svelte figure—she is shown from above the knees. She’s nice to look at—but I’m realizing that her forecast is simply a dog-and-pony show to keep my attention until an ad for GM employee pricing violates my retinas.

There is this one woman TV journalist that’s drop-dead gorgeous—pretty and blonde—and nice to look at. They plastered her face on everything from benches at bus stops, to the gloss and toss magazines put out by realtors—you know the type, “Tucson Chic Lifestyles” or some shit like that.

I kept seeing this beautiful woman’s face everywhere. Whilst scratchin’ my nut sack one morning before heading to the office, behold! There she was on one of the local ante meridiem news shows: mes amis, her voice was as shrill as a 13 year old with braces, asthma, and a head-cold to boot. Probably why she was only on in the mornings, eh?



Dan Trued said...

Is it April from the KMSB the AZ morning show from Phoenix? I just discovered her too, she makes some great moves, also in the morning.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hey Dan,

Her name is Rebbeca Taylor--on some local Tucson station. I'll check-out Miss April!

See You on the Road, Old Sport!