Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rough and Ready

Rain or shine, gonna ride today.

Another perplexing evening weather forecast on the TV.

So in the morning, Little Egypt gave me a lift to the YMCA; this was a compromise because she said not to ride.  I was getting restless and needed to loosen up the legs.

Morning TV was on and the temperature was reported to be 52 degrees--that's 10 degrees warmer than all week! Dropped off at the YMCA it almost felt warm. As I made my way into the mountains, sweat dripped from my head. It had been a week since commuting. The o' lungs did protest--but soon fell into line with legs, bike, saddle, and what ever else it takes to drag my heavy build up the road.

The top of my climb at a few minutes past 7 a.m. This is Sunrise and Craycroft Rds, and I'm looking South down Craycroft. My office is about 4 miles away--and it will be fast because of the descent all the way into the campus of the Desert San.

The Raleigh Super Grand Prix--my work horse commuter bike all packed with the junk I need to make it through the day--with room to spare to haul it all back. When I drive to work, I bring in two or three changes of clothes. I carry the days clothes back in the evening.

When I'm not riding or over the weekend, I keep my Campus Bike in the locker for safe keeping.  Its locked in the covered bike rack the rest of the time.   

This is on the way home and I'm on the bike path. The last few years, there has been major earth-moving to accommodate architectual fantasies of some very wealthy individuals. Most of the money was spent just to bring in tons of earth and rock so these houses could be built on the river breaks. Whatever...

Part of the bike path on the North side is un-paved but okay with my road bike.

The ride home on the river path is not glamorous. It can be barren and cold, but everyone seems friendly--and somehow in a reflective mood.  There's short-cuts for roadies, a way to travel to work for those who can't afford cars to take them there, and the hand full of the commuter types like me.  There are wide-open long stretches of rive bank where you could find privacy, quiet, and peace of mind.

December days are short.   When the sun goes down things get cold quickly.

Must I  hurry?  Work is done and the day's stress quickly falls away.   Find a groove, then pedal--and enjoy the sun setting in front of me.

Sunsets can be quite breathtaking--a photo in my blog cannot show that, Gentle Reader. I feel lucky that I'm able to live and ride in Tucson. I hope you are able to ride this winter as well...


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