Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Ride, Tucson, Arizona

Cold rain clouds roll into Tucson as I roll out for a ride.

No one is out this chilly sunless morning, sep me with me IPod blaring the Clash into my thick skull...

This is a century plant (Agave americana) , the largest I've ever seen--even with the top four feet broken off, it's about 20 feet tall!

Saguaro and agave plant.

Huge cholla cactus.

Mountain agave.

The large regal saguaro cactus you see are often 80 to 120 years old. This one is probably two years old, and being protected by creosote bush.

Very typical seeing saguaro in a nursery. There are three growing under this Palo Verde tree. Eventually the Palo Verde will die (after 25 or 30 years) and the saguaro will remain.

On the way home I hook up with this group of cyclists, and ride with them for about 10 miles. One of the riders I discovered was Dr. W-- a leading physician here at he Desert San, an avid cyclist, and great guy. All these fellows are local doctors and surgeons that get together and ride when they can.

I'm on my way home before the rain starts.


RogerP said...

Nice photos Bruce. I think that's an ocotillo, not a cholla cactus.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Yeah cholla cactus are nasty little things aren't they?

Roger, I've dropped my camera several times and I don't think its working that great.

I'd like to take better pictures because the ones of me on my bike are getting boring! I've tried taking better shots but they don't come out.