Monday, June 09, 2008

Summer in Tucson

Pushing 100 degrees here in Tucson in the afternoon. This means only one thing: Beautiful mornings for riding!

Gentle Readers, while other white men are waking up, scratching their nut sacks, and wondering if they have chump-change for gas—you and I are out these clear mornings breezing through roads with gusto.

One effect the headwinds of March, and yes the cruel month of April... and May...  have had on me is the fact that their power has in fact been embedded into my body. The last few days with no headwinds have seen me streaming down the commute route in record times, now shaving up to 10 minutes off the times in and home.

New handle bar tape--makes me go faster because I look marvelous!

A degree of fitness has stepped-up a notch or two and it feels great. My leg muscles are bulging, my waist is slimmer, and my lungs feel bigger. Now when a motorist makes that right turn in front of me—you know how they cut you off— I’ll just huff and puff and blow them out of my way.

Now comes the months of training at 101 to 104 degrees. This will be the new challenge, Gentler Readers of This Blog. Best to leave at Dawn’s Early Light, and ride a longer course for the commute into the office—then get home as fast as possible using the shortest route through the heat. I’ve explored and expanded my route in to include more climbing. I also need to build confidence on the fast descents for Cochise. Blinding going 50 mph down hill after Mule Pass—the first time, was insane. I don’t know if I can set myself up for that again, but I will have to, mes amis…

This is from back in 2005 after the Cochise Classic--252 miles of wind, rain, and lightning...

Like it or not, I will have to ride the 50 mile round trip commute as much as possible. These will be base miles—and then continue to go to the YMCA and do all that other stuff—while trying to eat less/smarter.

And loving every minute of it!
Cheers! Bruce

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