Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bruce Commutes on a Bike

Early morning at the bike locker. I've ridden the Big Raleigh into the office a few times.

This is the top of my climb. This is Craycroft and Skyline/Sunrise. I've added this extra mile to my commute--which means one more pretty tough climb. It has helped get me in a bit better shape I think. The road is all brand new and I must tell you that I can sail down at 40 mph, right into my office. There's much less traffic here than on Swan Ave, thus I feel safer going fast.

Behind me is the top of the morning climb, about where that house is on the left.

Skyline/Sunrise with that added extra mile to climb now. I've just gone throught the light and stopped to turn around to take this photograph for you.

Just to get you a better shot, the old water tower built in 1924 is right where my office is on the campus of the Desert San. I think its about three or four miles from the top of where I am.

As its so windy for my ride home, I wait to do the last big climb up to Dog Mtn until the end of my commute. 12 miles of headwind, and then the last march up-hill, and one dangerous left turn for the parking spot.

Yesterday it was windy and gusty, Gentle Readers--but last minute, the wind shifted and I had a tail wind scooting me up the moutain! It was sweet! Sweet! But--I started cramping up as I neared the last intersection for the dangerous left. I didn't have the snap in my legs to get me over three lanes into the turn lane. I eneded up limping through the light, and then waited and went with the light going West. The wind claimed the day afterall.

With tough winds all week, I got up this morning--and everything hurt. Rest day was needed. Hope you liked the photos!


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Amblus said...

Thanks for the comment! I look forward to reading your blog. Bike commuting is something I've toyed with, but the logistics! Oy.