Monday, June 30, 2008

June by Bike

June has seen me putting in some base miles and experimenting with routes.

I don't want to bore you with yet more images of me riding my bike. (But here's a few)

Ready to roll out of the garage in the morning--all packed the night before so I can sleep a bit more.

The monsoon rains are coming, and I do want to take pictures of that for you--because there's beauty and inspiration when the rain is in the air--and I either just make it to the car, or I get a good soaking.

The Raleigh Super Grand Prix has the fenders still on--and said bike has seen rain a time or two. Fenders on a bike when raining cats and dogs is the way to go--you would be amazed at how dry you stay in the saddle. All the fiddling with and adjustments and frustrations when the fenders don't cooperate--are made up for when riding and enjoying rain.

Driving to work--

Everybody's on a cell--driving as if intoxicated--or texting. This week, after work whilst driving from the Y to chez moi-- some young girl drove two feet behind me (right on my bumper) the whole time having a very animated (happy teenager) conversation. I could not get around slower cars up ahead (people also on cell phones) and was blocked by some very old lady driving a 2008 Mustang GT (which I think means all the bells and whistles) to my right--talking on her cell phone. When her attention span lapsed and I saw a chance to break for it, the old bag sped up to prevent my maneuver ( me actually driving the speed limit) then she fuckin glared at me and was going to make sure I wasn't gonna get around.

This is pretty much driving in Tucson, mes amis. About everyone is on a cell or sending a text message.

So if I so much as run a stop sign on my bike, I'm a menace to Society?

Bike on board at my parking spot, and ready to drive home.

July I will make different for you, O! Gentler Reader of This Blog--there will be more about the beauty of riding--about discovering new things--and more interesting photos!

There may be a few rants--buy hey, it's my blog and I'll rant if I want to!

Allure Libre!

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