Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture Rocks Ride or Here Come the Bike Snobs

McCain Loop, Saguaro Nat'l Park

Sunday morning was again beautiful in sunny Tucson. John, Kathy, Larry and Yours headed out for an early morning spin—Gates Pass, McCain Loop, and Saguaro Nat’l Park. It was a bit chilly so we dressed accordingly. I had arm warmers and figured that would be enough for the ride.
We start at 7 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. Gentler Reader of This Blog. The good thing is that Yours gets to sleep a bit later—the bad news is that more Retards in said area will be—and were—stirring on Redneck Road (Sandario Road).

What can I tell you? We were just talking and catching up as we rode on Silverbell on our way to Gates Pass. The sun was warming us and we saw many other cyclists out enjoying the sunshine as well. As we started up Gates Pass, a quick stop was made to peel off warmers and jackets for the climb.

I kind of wish I would have left my arm warmers on, for as we started the tough part, a cold headwind bore down on us—this was a different wind as it was coming in from the Northwest. So as you ride, your backside is warmed by the sun, but your front is a bit cold.

At the top, which really winded me because of the wind, we decide we’ll ride Picture Rocks Rd—this way we can meet Eric at a café near his house.

In beautiful Saguaro Nat'l Park, McCain Loop.

Just as we’re turning onto McCain Loop, I’m getting my camera ready as I know the Wolf is about. But no sooner had I reached back for the camera, he appeared and flew past—I had missed him! Larry said he’d show up again as we made our own loop.

The Wolf on McCain Loop--for Eternity--
Ride in Peace--

He appeared again and I shot three times, because mes amis, he is only visible for an instant—only the first shot caught this glimpse of him. He passed with a warm greeting. I looked at the images to see I had missed all three times—later I saw him just in the corner of the first shot after I enlarged it a good deal.
About the Wolf--word is that the Wolf is a phantom spirit and he rides forever in Saguaro Nat'l Park. I have seen him, as did my friend Paul Layton, in other parts of Saguaro while we were riding the 300 km brevet the last few years. However, he always seems to appear on McCain Loop--at least, that's where we always see him.
Okay… Picture Rocks. Picture Rocks is probably the most beautiful road in Tucson as it goes through breath-taking vistas of Saguaro Nat’l Park. The thing is is that the pavement is shit, and the road narrow. Worst is that it’s the main artery for every god damn 1st cousin loving redneck that rents a double wide in the area. The car traffic is fast and the drivers mean and either hung-over or stoned. On Sundy morning, they're either going to, or leaving Church... Or on the way to visit momma in jail.
We'll be going down fast so we want to be sure and all make the turn off Picture Rocks to Cortaro Farms Rd. I think that's where we're gonna turn--

The first part is a climb—then a very fast down hill with sharp curves and pot holes. Damn, but what a cool fast spin through the pit bull’s teeth!

Pusch Ridge and Mt Lemmon in the background, from the top of Picture Rock. The wind has picked up making the morning hazy.

Instead of breakfast, we head to this place called the Daily Grind. Eric meets us there and we sit and relax. Kathy buys me a scone to go with my Americano, and I listen as John, Kathy, and Larry answer Eric’s questions about Cochise.

Our friend Eric--busy with a math degree and teaching degree.

The thing about the café is that it was packed with young affluent-looking 20 and 30 somethings, all typing furiously away on laptops. Oh, and there’s eye candy everywhere—even Larry couldn’t help but notice a time or two. It was the place to see and be seen—and get online. For a moment I thought we seemed a little out of place but no one seemed to really care.
"Hello, Darling!"

Kathy is a Princess on and off the bike, Gentle Reader of This Blog!

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Red Bacchetta said...

Yep, I have seen this wolf you speak of. Calves of steel and quads of iron! A cold stony stare that could pierce you through if you came between him and his road.

Seriously though, nice pic of the wolf, almost looks like a UFO or Bigfoot shot the way you caught him in the corner!

At least the quad (as in 4 wheeler) devils weren't out. Dave Peashock and I were riding down there and the quads were upwind of us and moving at the same speed so we got a good lungful of dust on the end of the 300k 2 years ago just past picture rocks.