Friday, October 19, 2007

Bikes that Work

Bruce's Big New Bike

A few months ago, I was at Pima Street Bikes, and quickly bought one of the consignments Phil and Judy have in their little shop. The bike was so large I could barely throw a leg over. It was the same story again according to Phil; a bike was bought, used once or twice—then left in the garage to gather dust.

The bike would be perfect as my Campus Bike.

I took my Raleigh Mtn bike down to the shop shortly after to recoup my purchase if possible, and it was quickly bought by one of Phil’s other customers. It was almost an even trade. What I paid for my new Campus Bike, I got back with the sale of the Raleigh Mtn bike.

The Campus Bike is so large that it won’t fit in my bike locker here at the hospital. I have to take off the front wheel and then gently squeeze it into the locker. I got it in the locker before, but the other day when I got back from an errand I could not get it back in. I wrestled with the bike until I finally figured out if I popped off the wheel, it would fit.

Yesterday I ran two errands with the Campus Bike. I was able to get in for a hair cut at Noon—incredibly lucky because the chap who cuts my hair, Bryan, is the busiest stylist in Tucson it seems. And he cuts the hair of the Pretty People, mes amis! Models that are svelte and vivacious—and high-maintenance by the looks of ‘em. I got in as one of his clients because my neighbor and him are good friends, otherwise I couldn’t afford the cost—and I’m not that great looking.

I ride the mile and a half to the salon as its right down the street from my office.
The bike is huge of course, and parking there right in the front of the shop’s trendy window, I get a few odd looks. There’s also a cafĂ© next to the salon… Everyone is outside being beautiful (I guess they don’t need to have jobs) and the weather here in Tucson is fantastic now by the way…

Bryan wants to cut my hair in such a way as make me look Italian—to go with the bike theme he says.

My next stop is the Arizona School of Acupuncture—for a trip to Acu-land. On the way, a large Cooper s hawk was perched on a wall, and I could see his piercing orange eyes looking me over. Then he flew off and up over my head and seemed to float above me. So many things we don’t see and smell and experience speeding by in our cars…
While in Acu-land, I thought about flying like he did—over the desert and away, with power and lightness…

Cars are nice, but a bike can often take you so much further.

Ride Long and Hard, Mes Amis

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