Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hi-def reality

This was written by Stef
They go out and ride on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings
go ride with them if you dare

It was a brisk 61 degrees this morning as you rolled over to scratch your ass. While you ex foliated your tush -- fantasizing about that blind date with Tony R(H)omo -- Team Moone was slaying the pavement. There are few words to communicate the pain of hanging on Double B's rear wheel. In the dark. On Gates Pass.

Pain is one. Sweat, sacrifice and enlightenment are others.

While you obtain these things in a r.e.m. state; Hendo, Ballz and Barber experience them in hi-def reality. All of this accomplished prior to roll call at 7am. I hope your saddle sores are healing. Truly yours,



sue said...

Wondering just how one catches up with these bi-wheel turnin junkies, do the newbies just get left to bite their dust and perhaps get a backside glimpse of this infamous cycling group if I bring my binoculars along.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hello Sue!

Its been awhile since I rode with these guys. They are fast, and don't take themselves too seriously--in fact they're fun and a riot! My excuse is that I live too far away, and to meet them requires leaving my house at 5 a.m. to drive to the UofA, etc etc. They meet at the fountain over by old main. Show up usually on a Tues or Thur morning about 6 a.m.
They always dropped me going up the front side of Gates Pass because I'm too fat and they're a bunch of skinny triathlon types. They are all gentlemen so go introduce yourself and hang with them if you're fast or want to get fast.

sue said...

I wont be int he area until Late January. Would it be fair to assume the schedule would be the same at that time...Thank you for having the blog, I enjoy reading along...I must confess that I am from the Arivaca Area (winter time)and was searching for a good bike ride and group in the area.

Sounds like I would have to give up smoking before I could pass them up or any hopes of.

I look forward to meeting them all and riding in the desert. Until then I will keep a lurk out on this blog.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Ms Sue

Team Mooney website for your perusal.