Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bruce is Back

Distance: 40 miles
September Total: 98 miles

McCain Loop in Saguaro National Park

This last Sunday morning John, Larry, and Yours did our Gates Pass Ride. We travel from John’s house which is just off Silverbell, and head South to Sweetwater. Sweetwater is a nice quiet road and winds its way to Gates Pass Rd. This is where the ride really begins, O! Gentle Readers of This Blog. What can I say? I felt fantastic. The climb up the front side of Gates pass was good for all three of us—I was feeling strong and pulled out ahead and stayed in my middle gear for a healthy good long time and I was happy. This summer, I would be already in my Granny Gear sweating and huffin—but this morning I felt euphoric!

However, Gates Pass presents a challenge to Clydesdale-sized Oklahoma Boys like me--and soon Larry and John passed me the last few hundred yards to the top. I was also passed by a motley crew of teen-agers out with what looked like their coach. Coach and the kids were all smiles and said hello, and flew by, up and over the last hill—then down the chasm of the back side of Gates Pass. At the top, we took a rest—but not for long as the sun seemed to heat us to Medium Rare. So down we went.

On McCain Loop, I got that feeling The Wolf would show up and I should have my camera prepared. And as soon as that thought entered my mind, there he was—what makes me certain that he is a phantom—whose destiny is riding these roads for eternity—is the fact that we saw him yet again on said loop. That was indeed a rare event. Even John commented that we had two sightings. Go in Peace, My Brother I said as I looked over my shoulder and watched him disappear into the saguaros…

"Go in Peace, My Brother." The Wolf glides through McCain Loop...

I won’t bore you with the details of the rest of the ride—just that we turned up the cadence and tore down Sandario Rd to the our water stop at the Chevron. As we pulled in, John said, “It looks like Bruce is back!”

Allure Libre!

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Dan Trued said...

You should have given the wolf a "bonne courage." I use to see the wolf where I live in midtown years ago, and then he just disappeared. So he moved west, eh. I wonder if he uses suncreen, his skin must be like leather by now.

Bonne route! Dan