Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Upgrade

In the new blog you can see some of the intriguing individuals I ride with on the fancy photo montage up there. They are left to right, Kathy, Dave, John, Wing, Larry--Steve, the Star of the Blog, my dog Callie, Yours, and Stef.

Stef should be noted because he was there when Triple B Ranch which was meant to stand for "Bruce's Bike Blog" was born. He also suggested the dubious "Flogncocknballz" handle for my nom de guerr. It used to be there and I messed that up a while back. Thanks mush also again go to Stef as he is a master of Photoshop and taught me quite a bit. Mostly I whined and bugged him until he finally showed me what I needed.

If you want your photo removed--too bad! If you want me to add it--do something like make me crash and get road-rash, as did the Wing--or buy me breakfast... Also, if your photo is not here and it should be--its because I don't have a good picture of your face--probably just a bunch of pictures of your ass.



Anonymous said...


I love the montage! Good work, it looks great.


Sal Ortega said...

Good to hear from you and I'm honored by your comments. I see your already entertaining and well written blog is even better. Let's have another go at the Grand Canyon 600K next year!