Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fire and Ice... Cool

When Arizonans think of historic Picacho Peak--and see it as they drive down I-10, the Picacho Peak Dairy Queen icon flashes in their minds--and now the two seem to symbolize each other.

Most probably don't know that the Interstate they've been on is the old stage coach line, and that just east of the DQ across the road was the stage coach stop... What's kind of cool to think about today is that we've rode pretty much the stage coach line from the Fry's at Cortaro Farms Rd and Silverbell--which is just a mile from another stage coach stop (the site still remains as part of a steak house) to the next stop at the Picacho Peak Dairy Queen 30 miles Norhtwest.

A knat has collided with the Wing--John, the veterinarian of our peleton, along with Joan, have flushed out the insect wreckage from Wing's eye, and patched it with tape and DQ-embossed paper napkins. The Wing says he feels no pain--but I know it must hurt.

Our arrival at the DQ is uneventful as we've had a nice tailwind. It had just opened and we all had a nice breakfast. There's no crowd so we take our time. Since its getting hot early--90 degrees by 9am as we're rolling out--Larry offers Kathy endurolites.

Joan is ready to roll--let's get back before the headwind picks up!

The Wing is undaunted. I'll keep an eye out (no pun intended) so that he dosen't crash into me. Actually Dude, stay in the back so we'll be safe... ha ha ha ha!

Larry and Joan on the tandum have pulled us through the strong headwinds as we head back to Tucson. We've stopped at the Chevron at the Marana Exit. We get ice and water. Gatorade is three for two bucks--a good deal. So we relax.

When the wind died down, Kathy worked on some sprints. She's getting very strong, and has lost 13 pounds!

Its nice to relax. We've made good time and only have 11 miles until home.

As we're sitting and chatting, a car pulls up. At first we all think the car is overheating, but it becomes appearent there's a fire. The owner of car quickly gets his laundry and other things out of the trunk!

I got the fire extingisher and passed it to John--all the customers got in their cars and quickly took off. The manager grabbed the fire extingisher from John, saying "They'll charge me 50 bucks to re-charge this thing..." We all grabbed our bikes and were ready to roll out when shortly thereafter the car's tire's exploded--and there was a BIG fire! Kathy really emphised us leaving--as we were at a gas station--and the whole place could explode! I agreed whole-heartedly!

The Rural Fire Dept showed up pretty fast--and those guys moved! The fire was out in seconds with the foam they sprayed on the car.

Well, the store manager saved his 50 bucks, but some poor old guy lost his car. I think had we just gone ahead and used the fire extingisher in the first place, the scene would have been less dramatic and the fire out.


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Paul said...

Wow! Nothing like having a Fire Extinguisher and never using it especially at a gas station! Good thing the Fire Department doesn't care about the several hundred dollars to recharge the foam huh? Sounds like a crazy ride.