Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Strava Flagship Ride

I received a letter informing me that my old cell phone, from my old plan bought out by another wireless company, would not support my phone any longer.  Never having a smart phone but having Mac's all around--I bought iPhone5 a few weeks ago.  All this app stuff is really new to me, Gentle Readers of This Blog, but I was able to download my first app--and here it goes...  Strava will track what I'm doing via GPS.  So I did a very short first ride from The Little House to Haskell (one way) to see Little Egypt at the campus.  And talk to one of the Deans about a teaching post.

The app told me I rode 1.7 miles.  My bike computer always said 1.2 but no matter really, at least I got the app to work--and I actually figured out how to put an app on my phone.   Pictured above is iconic Fraser Hall on top of Mt. Oread on the KU Campus.  This is not the route I take to Haskell, but some photos I took a few days before when I rode to Celebrity Spin Class.

New jacket I got 50% off at the bike shop!  Rain and Wind Resistant
Rico always got laughs with an app he put on his iPhone (that I bought for him for Xmas) called iFart or iPhart or whatever.  I was like, "How much are we paying a month so we can listen to fart apps?"  So you can see why I never took to much stock in "smart phones."  The farts are fake by the way--just some idiot blowing air through his hands--kind of like you used to do when you were in 1st Grade--you can actually pay money to have iFart Premium...

Maybe I can get some enjoyment from this bike app.  Please feel free to follow and look at the rides I'm doing.  Most will be to Haskell or downtown for errands, or to Celebrity Spin--which means short rides until the weather gets warmer.

 Not sure the history of this house but its just around the corner from where I live.

On the Haskell Campus

I decided to carry another lock just for the Schmidt Hub.  Not everyone will know what kind of wheel it is or its value, but those who do will appreciate that its also secure.

Now that Rico has my car I will count on biking everywhere even more so.

I recorded my ride just one way and decided not to bore myself with the details of my return trip.  I think I can pause the ride, say if I go in a shop, and then continue it so I can record the whole trip.  Just got to play with that feature.

Oh yeah, it was very cold for my ride back home later in the afternoon--again my rides are gonna be short for few weeks!

Cheers!   Bruce

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Don't scare me, I still have a flip phone. One of these days I'll make the switch.