Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bike Legs

Celebrity Spin is in an old converted barn.
Now that I'm through half-way at Celebrity Spin Class, I'm finally starting to feel my left leg, the one injured in May, getting strong again after nine months.  Class is getting harder as we're all pretty much conditioned for sprints and hill climbs in higher hr zones.  I have to say at times I'd come home from spin and I'd be wiped out--my legs were shot, and I'd just shower and sleep for a few hours.  Hardest part about the class was actually getting on and off the bike without taking a tumble to that hard, cold cement floor you see up there in the photo.  

Three days a week and really working hard has paid off.  By the time the warmer weather sets in and I have a chance to ride, I should be able to keep up with all the blokes I ride with.  Most of the group did not do spin, so I know for a time I'll be up with the fast boys and girls.

One thing about our group, is that it splits off into three--so we're really not much for sticking together.  I miss riding with the Leavenworth Club because those riders all stuck together in a tight double pace line, and the ride captains were very aware of the group's over-all speed and would adjust the pack.  That was always fun!  I think this Spring I'm just going to have to go out on the road and hunt for them, send a few emails, etc.  If any of you guys are reading this, be sure and drop me a line!

Spin is in an old barn that has been converted into a shop/office.  Farmers don't build barns anymore--buildings are mostly to house equipment.  Most of John's equipment (he does excavating) is in the back, and we're all up front (about 50 of us when everyone shows up) and we have a sound system and great 
DJ and so its a fun time.  I don't care for the country music that sometimes gets played--and everyone groans when, for a last drill to end the class with a suffer-fest, we ride in zone 3 and 4 with a hill climb to "Free Bird" by Leonard Skynard.  I prefer some of the electronica (probably chosen by the DJ's European wife) and Lady Gaga is okay to spin to as well...

Anyway, the Barn is cold like a frig until you/we get warmed up after about 10 minutes--so the arm warmers and the hat come off and the sweating starts.  After the workout its time to quick try to dry off and then run out to the car (the wind howls out there by the barn) and get home.  I have been riding the Campus bike the two miles there and back--and believe me it is a challenge.  

Old East Lawrence 
Really to cold to ride the road bike even if there was no snow.  After you hop in the saddle, in just a few miles you're out in the Wilds--and the Wind Doth Blow--Gentle Readers of This Blog.  Spin, thank the Bike Gods, is my salvation!

Tucson Desert San Campus Bike.
Most of the riding I've been doing has been on the Desert San, and every other day or so, I'm putting in about six miles round trip running errands, etc.  I tracked my route and times on Strava just to see what was up--but that kind of wore off seeing as how I'm really not going to put in the big miles until Mid-March.  Spin ends on March 7th, so by then I hope to be all set to ride and put in some more challenging rides! 

Dress Warm and you're okay!
It can be reported that the high will be like 45 or 50 degrees--but wind really whips in and crashes that party, mes amis.  Yeah it might get up to 50 or close to 60--but only for a few minutes in the early afternoon--the the wind is blowing and you're hoping for a tail wind to help you get home because the temp in dropping fast!

Cheers!  Bruce

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