Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bruce's Bike Therapy

They closed the Jim Thorpe Fitness Center for the month of July without notice, Gentle Readers of This Blog.  That's kind of how things work at Haskell Institute.  So I'm working out at a fitness club a few miles down the road with my coach Will.  So rather than drive to work--so I can drive to go train--well why not just ride the bike to work and then the Club?  That's what I did.

After weight training, I made my way home--and I as I got to the streets I know so well, I thought, what the heck?  I'll just go downtown.  I was warmed up, had a good workout (Will makes you work-out that's for sure) and when I got to Mass Ave, I thought I'd ride on this usually busy street as the traffic was light--and I'd have about a two-mile, flat, straight shot into old downtown.

So I put it in high gear and pushed my legs as much as I could.  Big Sexy is such that once I get going, I can really move on this bike!  Well, leg has a ways to go--but I did get the heart rate up, which is good.  So I just rode into downtown Lawrence and here's some photos for you!

Local Bike Shop.  If you have money to spend on the most expensive trendy gear--this is your place!  The mechanics are the best though, and do it right!

Most inhabitants can't afford the Madones and the expensive Specialized carbon fiber beauties that have in the shop.  Bikes in this town are no-frills and practical--short distance errands, riding to the pub, going to class at KU, and getting to work.  You cannot get away with creative parking, mes amis--you will get a ticket.  You must feed the meter if you can even find a spot to park--if not, you will get a ticket.   If you're a student at KU you can pay several hundred dollars a semester for a permit, but good luck finding a spot!

I enjoy Liberty Hall--its a film "Art House" and also has an awesome video rental store too.  The Liberty Hall you see above is the 100 year old version.  The original 1850-ish building burned down, I believe in 1863 during Quantrill's Raid.  I've also heard that this was a stop on the Underground Railroad--the residents of Kansas Territory ferried runaway slaves through this area, and there are said to be tunnels under the Hall to hide slaves.

The Eldridge Hotel right across the street from Liberty Hall--rebuilt after it was burned down by the Quantrill's Raiders--but not until William Quantrill is reported to have had his breakfast--then they set fire to the establishment.  Gee, my kind of Scum!

There are all kinds of businesses going up--and coming down here on Massacusettes Avenue, Gentle Reader of This Blog.  You can't tell from my photos, but there were a lot more people about this early July evening than normal.   There was some kind of conference at the University, and all the attendees were on Mass going to the pubs and the restaurants.

I haven't explored this block yet.

It was cooler this evening as some rain had come in and blown out the hot thick air that's been here for a few weeks.  It was nice to be outside and not like in an oven.  I liked riding faster on a road bike rather than the heavy Desert San Campus Bike.  My hope is I can ride to the Fitness Club, and Physical Therapy--I started that, and really liked my therapist.  Her name is Sandy.  She went through an evaluation of my injury and well--it turns out that I'm not as strong as I would have liked.  Its obvious I have a pretty seriously injured knee--and the muscles are weak.  But everyday, as I've said--I get feeling better and better!

Cheers!  Bruce

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