Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Back On My Campus Bike

Biking to work in the morning.

I'm happy to report that I've begun riding to work again!  My left leg is gradually getting stronger and I'm not so afraid of falling.  My muscles were so weak in the left leg that I was not able to support my weight when I'd swing my right leg over the bike.   I still have to take things very easy, Gentle Reader--but pedaling loosens up my leg and the muscles get to move and "wake up" after being supported on crutches for a month.

Cool in the morning but not for long!  

Starting out early so there's not so much traffic, and taking it easy the mile and a half to work has built up my confidence and the strength in my leg.

The streets around Haskell have been repaved!

There's been a lot of construction right around Haskell, mes amis, and people (mainly Haskell employees) are impatient and race through short-cuts.  Neighborhood streets have been repaved, and Barker, the road that leads to Haskell, is brand new.  It sure was a rough, torn-up road--but like other streets around Haskell, they're putting in speed humps--big speed humps!

Riding on Campus.

Hiawatha--built in 1898--the Girl's Gymnasium, in need of restoration.

Students I've met have told me that they've been in discussions with the administration to restore and put some money into many of the buildings on campus.  Old and New buildings are getting repairs, new furniture, and like Hiawatha--one of Haskell's iconic buildings--money for restoration.

I wanted to tell you that this past May, Haskell graduated the largest number of students in its over 125 year old history--budgets are low, but recently staff have been working hard writing grants and planning for a make-over of the campus--All Good!

Campus Bike

Its easy to store the bike inside the office in an out-of-the-way place.  My car bakes outside in the parking lot on these hot over-100 days.  I'd get off work and open all the doors, and then let the breeze push out all that hot oven-like air before I could get in and drive home.  I'd leave the garage door open at home so all the heat could dissipate.

I sure missed the days riding to work--its hot now but I leave my shirt un-tucked, un-button my collar, and ride easy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cheers!  Bruce


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this major step towards being back in the saddle again :)!

Ryan said...

Glad to see you back on the bike, mate. Hope the recovery continues and you're back on the road bike soon.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Thanks you guys--I am almost ready to do a ride--not sure if I'm able to unclip from my pedals. My leg is getting stronger so I know I can do it! Cheers! Bruce