Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tale Wind

After a 50 mile ride in a 30 mph head wind.  

Everyone in the Bike Club was excited about going out on a perfect Sunday.  But as the time to meet approached, clouds, cold, and gusty wind arrived howling.  You know, Gentle Readers of This Blog, I considered bagging this one and going back to bed--which would have been the smart thing to do.  Instead I suited up, clipped in, and headed downtown.  

So there I was just moi and thinking maybe I should just head back home cause this is insane and no one is gonna show--and then suddenly this other rider appeared and I did not recognize her at first.  "Hey Bruce!" she said with a smile--Holy Head Wind but it was Karen, my coach from Celebrity Spin Class!  Whoa--Karen is a celebrity around these parts--and I'm riding with her!  Wow!  So we're giving it a few minutes to wait for anybody else--and Tommy arrives.  "Sorry I'm late!  Let's go!" so we were off.  

Okay, mes amis, let me tell you that the head wind going out was brutal--cold, blowing and gusty and gritty!  We took turns pulling and very very slowly made out way to Lecompton, KS via the old Farmer's Turnpike.  I always use the Farmer's Turnpike as a fast dash to get back to Lawrence as its mostly down-hill from the village of Lecompon.  This time we were going West, a way I've never gone--so it was up-hill with lots of long slow climbs, and with a headwind of 30 mph--maybe even more.  

It was a struggle for me.  I'm the big Clydesdale and working extra hard to stay with my mates--I pushed my heart-rate to almost max several times trying in vain to keep up.  They dropped me on the steepest hills, but on the down-side I'd catch up.  My big-ness keeping me on the road while they felt like they had to work hard just to stay on their bikes.  

Finally finally we made it to Lecompton all leaning against the wall of this local restaurant looking exhausted and beaten.  It was after church, and the place was packed with everybody.  We were just slumped there, as I said, propped up against the building--in a stupor. 

Then this well-dressed older gent came out of the restaurant with his wife.  He was, as I could sense--the preacher.  He had a preacher suit on, a preacher hair-do, and his tie--mes amis--glowed with the image of shinning simple silver cross.  He looked upon us and smiled.  "Well, you're going to have one Hell of a ride bike with this wind."  "Yup--"  I was the only one who seemed to have energy to speak.  And so the Man and Wife got in the Lincoln Continental and drove away.  Tommy said, "Let's go--" and so we did.  

You can only imagine the tail wind, Gentle Reader.  It was like I had on a freakin' jet pack!  With gravity on my side, I sped down the road like a freight-train--Big Sexy in the Big Gears.  

Finally back in Lawrence--my ears ringing from the roaring both ways, eyes burning from dust in the wind, and every ounce of strength drained.  Oh and it was still cold as we stopped in the parking lot at the park downtown to say our farewells. 

Butt massage compliments of New York St., Lawrence, Kansas, USA

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Anonymous said...

Well you guys sure have the fortitude and sheer guts taking on that ride. I definitely have a ways to go by comparison. Jim Duncan