Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good To Have Bike Friends

Bob, Sally, Tommy

Still trying out the new interface in blogger.
Wearing my cold weather stuff today

Lone Star Lake.  A bit cold for swimmers and fisherman today, mes amis

Mighty Trek

Our fast pace-line for the ride back to Lawrence


Tommy "The Tornado"

Sally--a long-time Tucson resident like me

Bob--we became friends during Celebrity Spin Class--the Man is Fast!

Leg warmers can finally come off mes amis!
These guys are fun to ride with and though it would not seem the case, all of them are fast!  And I have to work to keep up.  They've all been riding together for many years so the pace is smooth, fast, and fun.  I enjoy this kind of riding, mes amis!

Where food comes from my children--they were telling me that this is corn...
Yours, Bob, Gwen, and Tommy

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