Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Commuter

The Desert San Campus Bike now doing duty as my Haskell Campus Bike.

Spring here in Interzone is an understatement, Gentle Reader of This Blog--more like Ka Pow! Every where green is shooting up--springing up! And Facilities has not yet started to make the switch over from heating to cooling. Its hot and muggy outside and even more so inside the library.

These seemed to appear over-night!

Sun coming up in Old East Lawrence as I bike to work.

Now KS in on Daylight Savings Time and we have an hour longer of light in the evening. This means its dark longer in the morning. I catch Him in His "Staring Role" as I head to Haskell Library.

Have to keep clothes loose as to keep cool.

Wearing work attire is different from the fast bike stuff. Work clothes don't breathe well, so I keep the shirt un-tucked and un-buttoned, and try to ride slower and not work so hard to rush to work. I've been arriving with sweat dripping down my face even riding a leisurely pace. And I stay sticky as the AC is not on yet at the campus.

The building is not very green and designed to be only warmed or cooled--pretty black and white. No thought as to how to make it work more efficiently within the environment in which it was built. If in winter the heat goes off, the building becomes frigid cold--when the AC is off, the building quickly become suffocatingly hot. There has to be a better way to design and build structures!

Big Boy slowly waking up to the warm weather and sunshine.

Bright, awake, shinny and singing!

Haskell Stadium as I ride by. A bus is ready to take the Lady Warriors Soft Ball Team on the road.

Memorial Victory Arch.

Jim Thorpe played an exhibition game here when the Victory Arch was dedicated in 1926.

On Wednesday at my lunch hour I run up the Haskell Stadium stairs--I start at 0 and do six sections or six flights--to the 60 yard line, doing a set of 10 to 8 push-ups between each set. I'm trying to get out of the "Jim" when the weather's good to do this kind of interval training. I can emulate my Celebrity Spin Class HR zones by doing this work-out.

Haskell colors--Purple and White!

Cheers! Bruce

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