Thursday, March 01, 2012

Message from Spider

Yesterday, I went into the Men’s Room to wash my hands up—I had
just returned from the Jim Thorpe Fitness Ctr not far from my office. I have been lifting weights, or should I say, struggling to lift weights—to help my arthritic back and shoulder. Gradually I feel like I’m getting stronger, Gentle Reader of This Blog. Time will soon tell.

Leap Year Day yesterday and thunder storms and rain and wind sprinted through parts of KS with not so much as an introduction other than KA BOOM. Tornadoes didn’t kill people in KS but in other parts nearby some did die.

On my mind is the Brevet season—will there be a blizzard late March when I clip in? Have I trained enough? The right kind of training? Why am I doing this? Will I be on a course just to find a twister in my path to stop me? Worse than that—plain old Fear and Doubt?

I’m looking in the mirror and there’s an older fellow—now 50 years old—hoping to see the Randonneur. It will be March—March already. And this is the year to ride the Brevets. Little Egypt won’t be back until next Fall so I can ride and train and live on the bike—anything to be ready for the Brevets. I may not have this chance for a long time, mes amis.

These thoughts rolling around in my mind—and then I see on the wall, next to the mirror—a fleck so small. I go closer and strain to look because on this huge blank wall of an institutional rest room, there is a tiny almost unnoticeable wisp.

It is a spider. I am surprised I must say—tiny and almost invisible. Where did you come from? If you are the first sign of Spring my Little Brother, how did you survive last night’s powerful storm? I could see him move and look me over as well, and I could make out his tiny black eyes on top of his translucent greenish-yellow body.

I am unable to put into words our connection, mes amis. We were both two individual living things side by side and in wonder.

I have pulled out the bike to ride to work, back in the Tucson Days, and saw between the handle bars of the Mighty Trek, a spider’s web. Then while riding the tiny spider climbs out and then rests in the web there between my hands, and he rides along secure until we're at the Desert San.

For him a trip of a Million Miles!

Allure Libre!



Anonymous said...

Very nice post, a moving reminder of our connection to other living things. I grew up in Salina, not far from where you are. This week I rode the Craycroft, Sunrise, La Canada, Canada del Oro, Oracle, River, Rillito loop back to Craycroft. Thought of you while on La Canada. Also rode Cactus Loop this week with my old bud from the Bay area. Fantastic weather here. Keep the faith. Jim Duncan

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Hello Jim--thanks for stopping by the blog. Right now I'd give anything to be back riding those streets in Tucson. Snow is on the way as I write to you!

Take care! Cheers! Bruce

Dan Trued said...

When you return to Tucson the routes will be fresh. A brevet is a big leap, so good luck if you decide to go forward. Maybe the Kansas brevets will have a later start time, you think?


Ryan said...

B ~ I hope you have a chance to get back soon for a ride or two. A nice Lemmon ascent would certainly be a treat now, no?
I was just going over some of your old posts of us climbing Lemmon, and others. Good times.
Take care mate.