Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Tail Ride with Bruce

A young Red Tail Hawk watches me ride down the road.

I've been working a lot, Gentle Readers of This Blog--on my day off, I rode into a sunny and cool Autumn Afternoon and headed out to Lone Star Lake.

Corn has been harvested.

The Corn Crop was mostly burned up this Summer. Farmers I know told me that things started out well--then came the hottest Summer on record. The Corn burned up in the heat.

This wagon has seen many Summers, and Winters too.

Passing the farms on the way out to the Lake.

Soybean fields are yellow and gold.

There is a slight chill as I pace myself down the road.

September is the time for Sunflowers in Kansas.

Red Barn on the way out to Lone Star Lake.

Fields of Gold and Green.

I had heard that migrating Monarch Butterflies were migrating through the area, and I wanted to get out to the Baker Wetlands to see if I could spot more--Monarchs were all in the back garden of The Little House while I got the bike ready for the ride. As I rode out into the Wilds, mes amis, I saw a few here and there but could not get a good photo for you. Anyway, as I rode, my mind emptied and I enjoyed the colors and the sunshine on my day off.

The Big Cottonwood on the Farm.

Country Road.

Country Road avec Le Rouler.

Tallest Tree on The Farm!

Lone Star Lake.

The Lake is shaped like a star and one can ride almost around it. It was very still as I was the only person out by the waters. I could see fish stirring as there were no boats and no people to make waves. It was very peaceful as I glided over the Lake Rd.

Riding around the Lake under the canopy of oaks.

Arm warmers rolled down as the sun is high and warm.

Before I came to the end of the pavement, I made a turn and there was a flock of about twenty wild turkey! A wonderful sight to behold, mes amis! They scurried into the trees to escape.

Under the Big Oak at the end of the Lake Rd, I stop for a quick lunch.

A spider comes out to take a look and see who is there.

Under the still and coolness of the oaks and walnut trees, I can hear hundreds of song birds singing--and they dart about above me. On the shadow of the Lake Rd, I can see the movement of the hawks that patrol the tree tops. That spider above crept out to look me over--I needed to step lively because as I looked around there seemed to be a squad of this speceis under-foot.

The Farm on the Other Side of The Lake.

Time to ride home.

The Big Cottonwood on The Farm telling me Autumn will be Winter before long.

A bridge for a tractor to go from the road to the fields. I had never noticed it before and saw it as I rode to The Lake. I wanted to stop and get quick photo on the way back.

Haskell Victory Arch from the 1920's

Home Coming game at Haskell is October 1st I believe.

Over the old down town streets to get home--saves a little time, mes amis.

Bike lane for awhile and then home to The Little House!

Cheers! Bruce

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