Monday, September 05, 2011

Club Rider

Landmark at Hwy 32 and 2200 Rd.

I had invitation to ride this Labor Day with the Leavenworth Bike Club, mes amis, so Monday morning I hopped on the Mighty Trek and set out to rendezvous with the club in Tonganoxie, just under a 20 mile ride for me.

Leaving River City for Hwy 24-40.

Hot weather--then rain--then cool weather here in Kansas, Gentle Readers of This Blog. My allergies have been severe, and I've tried about every antihistamine to relieve my misery.

Saturday, Little Egypt had me try some Tylenol P.M. saying that if I kept working around the Little House, and had a cup of coffee or two, I'd be able to stay awake. She told me the stuff had a bit of Benedryl in it and that would stop my sneezing, etc. Well, what it left me was pretty much dopey all day--a day I could have just gone out on the bike for a ride. I was pretty useless and got no work or chores done. Sunday turned out to be a bust too with errands and bills to go over--so I was very happy when Rosie of the Leavenworth Bike Club organized a Monday Ride!

Wearing arm warmers this morning!

The morning was a bit cool, cool enough for some light arm warmers. Also was a strong headwind all the way too--but that was okay because I'd meet The Club Riders in Tonganoxie and then have a great tailwind back to Lawrence.

The Big House on the Hill.

Out of Lawrence I catch Hwy 24-40 and then take a quick left onto Hwy 32, riding East until Leavenworth County Rd 1 and head North. This Rd is also 2200 Rd which goes through Eudora, and if I ride even further South takes me to Hwy 56 (Old Santa Fe Trail) where I rode into Baldwin City a few weeks ago.

Hwy 32 is quiet--there's a bit of a headwind--and it's cold. But I make good time. I can see a Big House way up on the Hill while I'm on LV 1 and I know that I'm almost back to Hwy 24-40 just outside of Tonganoxie. I'll ride on there for a few miles and then meet The Bike Club.

Just off 32 and on 24-40 into Tonganoxie, KS.

The Bike Club Rolls into Town!

Plans have changed as The Club was coming down from Leavenworth--it seems that they won't be riding down to Lawrence, but want to have breakfast here in Tonganoxie and then ride back up to Leavenworth. I don't blame them--it is a windy day and it would be 40 miles back in a strong headwind. I agree to ride along to The Club Breakfast, and then head back to Lawrence on my own.

Ted and Bill and we're on our way to an open Cafe!

An open Cafe just off the Hwy--I need coffee mes amis!

Club Riders at Club Breakfast--my kind of Bike Club!

I get asked to keep going and ride back with everyone to Leavenworth. Rosie offers to give me a ride back so I accept! We'll drive back the way we rode up so I can see the route for next time I want to do a ride up to Leavenworth on my own. These are great guys and all faster than me, so it's making me work to keep up and stay in the pack.

The Bike Club Pace Line.

I've not ridden in groups before and this is good practice for me--I am made to feel welcome and I have to say I've gained confidence too. I did a pull up front and as I dropped back, here's a photo for you, mes amis, of the Pace Line. This is the best kind of riding to do! We're making good time and cutting through the headwinds.

Regrouping as we begin to take on the Hills to Leavenworth.

There's going to be three big hills on the way up to Leavenworth, and on the second I get dropped--but that's okay because as everyone spreads out, there's stops where everyone re-groups.

Ted pulls me along so I don't fall too far behind--thanks, Man!

Re-group for the last leg into Leavenworth.

Ted and Rosie help me along so I don't get left behind and get lost out here in the Wilds. We have one last leg into the city and form up a small pace-line for a strong finish.

Rosie rides her Madone.

Jan and Rosie as we knock out the last few miles.

Shaun riding strong and leading us up the road.

Yours, mes amis--trying to keep up and stay on board!

We make it! Jan at the finish.

Rick, Rosie, and Ted--at the finish. This was a fun ride and I'm glad I got to ride up to Leavenworth--my first time to this historic city.

See you next time!

There will be the annual Buffalo Bill Century September 24th and I will do my best to be ready and hopefully ride with members of The Club. My goal has always been to ride a century ride, like El Tour de Tucson, in under six hours. I've come close a few times and don't know if I can do it on the Buffalo Bill--but if I ride with a pack I just might!

Cheers! Bruce


Dan Trued said...

I take Tylenol PM if I have really have to get some sleep. Powerful stuff. A century ride, that would be fun. They don't have too many of those around here anymore like they did 10 years ago.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

I will never take that stuff again! Only if I need to sleep through the night! Glad to see you stopped by the blog, Dan! Take care--Cheers!

Steve Atkins said...

Great post Bruce, we miss you in AZ