Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Chief

Hwy 24-40 a.k.a Chieftain Highway.

I was going to meet the Leavenworth Bike Club up in Tonganoxie, then ride back down to Lawrence with them to a spot for breakfast. Instead of taking Hwy 24 up to Tonganoxie I took the very mellow Hwy 32, also called Linwood Rd, East to County Rd 1.

These corn fields are part of KU's experimental farms.

Getting Ready to head East on 32.

Hwy 32, my kind of road, mes amis!

Spinnin' up the road.

My computer is not working right, Gentler Readers of This Blog--not sure why but I've messed with it quite a bit--the cadence feature is okay but I can't get the MPH to show. So I don't have speed or mileage. I tended to be a masher--that is, I rode in big gears and rarely shifted. Boss got me training with a heart-rate monitor (which has since stopped working as well) and riding at a faster cadence. So for the 17 miles or so I'd go to Tonganoxie, I'd try to keep up between 88 or 95 RPMs. I headed out the door pretty early to give my self plenty of time to meet the Club Riders.

The Big Herd on Honey Creek Rd.

I know I'm getting close to the end of Hwy 32 and where I need to hop onto LV County Rd 1--the road changes it's name to Honey Creek for a few miles at a big turn, and then I see the large herd of those big cattle. They "moo" at me to announce my passing by their pasture.

Straight shot up LV County Rd 1 to Tonganoxie!

I got up to the Casey's Store and rested and ate a snack--and chatted with local farmers as they gassed up and got coffee before heading out to work. I'd ridden pretty hard and with a bit of a tail wind. I made it the 17 miles or so in just over an hour. After a few minutes, the Leavenworth Club showed up.

I rode back with the Club to Lawrence down Hwy 24. I was a bit surprised because last time I went up 24, there was a lot more traffic going down--mainly big trucks--so I thought for sure we'd avoid this route. But we took off in a fast pace-line, single file--everyone taking a turn pulling up and down the smooth rollers.

This was cool for me because I've not ridden in a pace-line much. You have to stay focused and alert. We rode into town fast in what seemed no time at all. Everyone took a turn up front but me, as when it was mine turn we were in downtown. So, sorry I didn't get some pace-line action photos for you this trip, mes amis. Maybe later when I prove myself a worthy rider, and I get permission to take a few photographs.

We stopped in at the LBS where the Club was warmly greeting by all the lads--and we got to leave our bikes parked in the shop while we walked around the block to a little cafe that I didn't even know existed!

Cheers! Bruce

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