Monday, August 15, 2011

Clinton Lake Ride

A wrong turn and a big climb.

I went out for what I hoped would be a short and quick ride out to Clinton Lake. It had been a few weeks since I'd gone out to Lone Star Lake, so when I took the wrong left turn, a little too early it seems, it just meant some added miles--and trying to get home before dark, mes amis!

Evening Summer Sun is setting on the Horizon.

The light this evening is spectacular! I'm used to getting out in the early morning, having everything ready the night before--this time I scrambled to get everything together for an evening ride--which meant the Sun was way ahead of me, calling it a day.

On top of the hill and the East end of Clinton Lake, with the Dam coming into view.

Although I made the turn too early, I still got to see the lake, and I knew where I was at on the map (which I didn't bring or look at before I left) so it was okay with me--I'd just have to climb back up the hill again to get back to the right road.

Mt. Oread about 8 miles or so out from the Dam--click on to see a bigger picture of the KU Campus...

Climbing and climbing to get to the town of Clinton, on the Lake.

This was supposed to be a recovery ride...

The town of Clinton is kind of out on a the edge of the lake where the land juts out into the water. I haven't been there but I sorta know how to get there. It's further than I thought, and the sun is going down and I'm climbing. I also just brought water and no cliff bars or anything to eat--I kinda messed up.

Right turn here--finally made it.

Lots deer watching me from the corn fields. Their heads would pop-up for a moment to give me a look, then they'd sprint off.

Hey this is nice as I start getting into town!

Not open.

I had been riding pretty fast I thought, with a very high and steady cadence--but I had no idea how far I'd ridden. Maybe I should have turned around because it was about 7 pm. The Clinton Store was closed up, as it was Sunday Evening and I had been seeing a steady stream of people leaving with boats in-tow back to Lawrence.

Well, made it to the Lake--one photo for you--now got to turn around!

I did bring a flicky tail light but no head light.

There were only a few sail boats left on the lake, taking advantage of a good wind; I wanted to get out here today because the forecast for the rest of the week is rain. The breeze was picking up, the Sun setting, and I felt an urgency to be outta there. I sent Little Egypt a quick text telling her I'd be home by just before dark (hope so anyway)

Home stretch with some down-hill to get me back! Still have some miles to ride before dark!

Football Team practices at Haskell--a sign Summer will soon wane.

With little water left, and cramps creeping into my legs, I make it back into Interzone. Luckily I had some down-hill rollers to make up some distance. I took my back road route through the Haskell Campus to stay off the city streets and students-getting-back traffic.

Little Egypt and Rico had gone to Taco Bell and had left me a Burrito Supreme and a few tacos. I was starving, mes amis, and shoved 'em into my face. It was 8:45 in the evening! Dark outside now--but was a fun ride. Best to do on a Sunday morning next time don't you think?

Cheers! Bruce

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