Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

Kansas farmland on a bright sunny afternoon.

This past weekend was cold and dreary--it was if a chilly grey blanket stretched out over everywhere freezing us out after a long week in Interzone. I had Monday off, so when the clouds checked-out and the Sun shone clear and blue--I am on the bike!

Bon jour la bon jour, mes amis!

Late Monday afternoon and there's no headwind going out to Lone Star Lake--that means I am riding fast and furious--helped along with tunes from Rico's iPod. Normally I will not ride with an iPod, but with the messenger mirror set up now on my sunglasses, I can see cars coming up behind me on the long stretches of rural country road.

Many barns are white this year.

The Old Man.

Green dust in the muddy fields--crops are beginning to sprout!

Fast rollers on the road around Lone Star Lake.

Lone Star Lake, about twenty miles West of Lawrence, Kansas.

There was not a soul out at Lone Star Lake, Gentle Readers of This Blog--I zipped along the rolling road that hugged the banks, through towering thick newly green oak and walnut trees. Birds of all kinds darted past as I cut the silent cool air. The matter was actually a young hawk buzzing the canopy and creating a stir.

A memento of my ride.

The road around the lake ended--I was told that it would--it would have been nice if it went all the way around but I wanted to see for myself this once. Where pavement and gravel met, I found there one of the young hawk's feathers, and then there was a shadow speeding through the shadows of the oak limbs like a ghost. I looked up and he was flying above me. He gave me a glance and then banked back over the lake.

Time to go back I knew, but time to reflect on things... Leaving Tucson has been at times frustrating. Living here is an adjustment for us all; we're all together but this is just temporary--but for how long? School, jobs, a mortgage, and also rent to pay in Kansas. Often I feel like I'm having to start over and I will have to move again for employment. There are just no jobs in Arizona--and few now in Kansas. Like the road around the lake, it's a dead end--you're momentum is suddenly gone--the road has run out.

However, a reminder that you can soar above and beyond what's troubling, gives Hope that you can ride out what seems the tough Brevet that must be endured...

Allure Libre!


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