Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike to Work Interzone

Every day is Bike to Work Day!

I wanted to drop by the LBS for a free breakfast, being Nat'l Bike to Work Day. So I ride through parts of old East Lawrence near where I live early this Friday morning, through the rugged brick-paved neighborhoods, for coffee and cakes.

Local Bike Shop at 8:45 a.m.

There's not much traffic this cool morning--only the most intrepid cyclists are out--rain is forecast for later in the morning. I believe I'll have plenty of time to talk to the friends I've made at the shop, and get a cup of coffee before I head up to Mt. Oread.

The Desert San Campus Bike, now my Interzone Commuter.

I was told that about 40 riders showed up and I think that's awesome! I don't go into the office until late morning on some days, so most of the real rush hour car traffic has faded out. My bike is a real commuter--most everyone else rides an old road bike or a cheapee mountain bike. I have fenders, a basket, a bell, and of course my wool cap. I only ride just over a mile--all up-hill--and I don't rush to get to the office on time--that would take too much work! Instead I leave The Little House with plenty of time to spare so I can take my time with a steady pace.

Coffee and cakes, and a cool brand-new Lawrence Bike Map.

Guy in the blue shirt is my neighbor and one of the managers of the LBS--he's also just turned 40 and has joined the Lawrence Fire Dept. Quite a feat I must say! He worked hard to reach that goal, competing with much younger men for the few slots at the Dept.

Historic old downtown--the bike shop is a real hub of the community where everyone is friendly and helpful--they have been to me, mes amis.

Did it ever rain!

After I talked to the guys, and met the local bike racing coach (Professional Ranked Coach) who I would really consider getting some coaching from because he was a great guy--some really dark clouds full of loud cracking thunder and flashing lightening, arrived and it began to rain. No worries because I had my rain gear stowed on the bike.

But as I got up Mt. Oread and just a few blocks from my office, it really let loose in a torrent, Gentle Readers of This Blog--and I was soaked to the bone in a matter of a few minutes! Rivers of water rushed down the streets of Mt. Oread, washing all the beer cans, cigarette butts, litter, and junk out of the gutters.

I made it to work--I had ridden my bike to work--but now I had little choice but to ride back home, change into dry clothes--and get a ride in with Little Egypt. She met me at home, I got out of the wet clothes and into dry--and she drove me up the Mountain to my office. The whole time it was raining cats and dogs--thunder was ear-splitting, and lightening bolts jolted all around.

Well, mon ami, I hope your Bike to Work Week and Day was a good one. Every day is Bike to Work Day for me for the last two months. This was the first day I rode in by automobile.

Cheers! Bruce

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