Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

101 degrees for the commute home on the Summer Solstice--yeah it was hot...

I had a strong headwind coming from the Northwest, mes amis...

Something is up! says Callie.

So the ride at 101 was okay, except there was a headwind that made me really work--and I drank almost all my water. I had frozen both water bottles and that helped, Gentle Readers, it helped a lot--but I was still a little toasted.

But I did notice bunches of birds swooping and singing, and bunnies hopping --I know this sounds silly--but for Joy--or something! There must be something so obvious that over time, we that live at this time as humans have forgotten.

Why do we know it's the Summer Solstice? The TV tells us I guess--but you know--if you are in the right place at the right time--you feel it--I know this to be true. Those people that came before felt it--maybe I did--but every other living thing seemed to know. Maybe because I ride so much year-round (the same routes mostly) I catch the little changes in the light, the wind, the temp, the smell--so when the Solstice is happening maybe I sense a part of it--I would like to think I do.

At certain times during the year, I ride with the Sun--I wake up with the Sun (4:30 a.m. these days) and the Sun dictates when I will clip in and roll, and when I need to be home before dark.

Solstice, O Happy Solstice! Cheers! Bruce

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