Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer 100

Callie at bike inspection.

Life gets hectic and I’ve got a lot going on, Gentle Reader of This Blog. Needed to set up the Super Grand Prix for the Summer commutes—it’s not officially Summer yet down here in Tucson, but when 100 degrees is around the corner, that means time to start conditioning myself for the heat.

The thing about Tucson Summer, is that you could think about it during your winter—when the cold wind, snow and darkness keep you from riding. Sun, Heat, suffocating dryness, and maybe I should mention more about a Sun that seems to burn right through your body—then you get the idea.

Most people here get fat in the summer—it is so freakin’ hot that going outside and doing anything is difficult. Best to sleep in, watch TV, and enjoy beer and potato chips. To live in Tucson in the Summer, you have to be a morning person—and I’m talking about a 4:30 in the morning person. If you wait until 9 or 10 o’clock to get outside, it’s too late mes amis, because 100 degrees or better will greet you like a hot chick with attitude.

The ride into the office is bliss. The desert air is sweet and cool—and you feel in love. Riding home, and stepping out of the AC of the Desert San, for example, mes amis , the power of the hot desert air embraces you like Vengeance. You have to take in a few deep breathes of that heat into your lungs—and stay calm—and just go. The fire of the Sun and the Burning in your body stay with you like an Obsession.

I can tell you that 91 is hot, and it's only going to get hotter, mes amis!

Only by riding, and only by sipping an ice-cold antidote from your water bottle, can you get the Heat to release you enough so your heart can beat and your legs can pedal.

Heading West into the Sunset, on the River Bike Path where there's a bit of shade for Yours, Gentle Reader of This Blog...

Over time, your body and your mind merge into the Sun’s power—and you’re running hot and your blood is thin—but there’s some kind of feeling that you’re not the working stiff planted inside a lifeless office—you’ve become pure energy—and you embrace Summer in the Desert with reverence!

Allure Libre



Big Clyde said...

Well said, Bruce. I ride that same River Path (south of Lambert, right?) and enjoy it, but ugh, the heat.

Looking forward to a ride this weekend.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

They say it will be 101 this afternoon--I'll let you know how that goes!

Right now I'm parking the car at Ina and Shannon, at the YMCA--and then ride south on La Cholla to River. East on River to Alvernon where I jump on the path until Craycroft. Still can't get through Ina and La Canada yet...

Going home, I take the bike path west from Swan all the way to where it ends on La Cholla--then up La Cholla! Hey give me a shout when you see me on the road! Cheers! Bruce

Big Clyde said...

Okay. Be safe out there. My smaller rides are just around La Canada to Oracle, the river path (south of Lambert) to Vistoso...sometimes going west on Moore Road to Thornydale and up to Canyon Pass.

Getting hot out there! Be safe.

Red Bike said...

Its very rare it gets that hot here in england. On the odd day we see temperatures into the 90s you won't see me out on a bike!

I don't know how you manage