Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mighty Trek

2009 Trek 2.3

I spent a handsome sum to replace the drive-train of the Trek, Gentle Readers of This Blog. Phil at Pima Street Bikes charged me almost nothing for labor, so I owe him big-time for that! Nothing like a local bike shop!

To top it off, Phil related a great story to Rico and I (Rico is a drummer) about when he used to be a roadie for a band that fronted for Jimi Hendrix--He told us that Jimi and the guys--Mitch Mitchell, and sorry I can't remember the other member of the power trio--were way cool guys to hang out with--very personable and friendly. Phil said one time Jimi was on stage playing (this was in Dayton Ohio, 1968) and he saw in the wings of the theatre, a big brute of a policeman grab his girlfriend, punch her out, and then throw her down a flight of stairs. Jimi and the band jumped off stage and went to help her--Jimi said something about Dayton harboring Nazis--and they all picked up and left town. I think Phil said they only played that one song...

Rico had discovered the "Jimi Hendrix Experience" and that music has been around our place for weeks. Even in the grocery store, I heard Jimi Hendrix songs playing as I searched the ilses for discounts... There was a big flood in Nashville, Tennessee, where many bands store their equipment, and where tours are often staged from--LA is the other place.

I read where it was reported that in the flood, besides tour buses, lighting and sound equipment being lost, Jimi Hendrix's 1966 guitar was lost, as well as a guitar belonging to Hank Williams. I think Jimi was up in the Heavens lamenting the loss of that guitar, Gentle Readers of This Blog--May He Rest in Peace...

Moore Road, Mt. Lemmon, and into the headwind!

I will tell you that it has been very windy in Tucson, mes amis--windy and hot! Little Egypt come home for a week's visit too, so I'm afraid I was off the bike. I took a much needed week off work as well.

Into the morning headwind!

I thought I'd get out early before the wind picked up, which it usually does in the afternoon. But even at 6 a.m., the wind was fierce. There was also a dusty haze rolling over the ridge. I saw a few riders out but they were all like me, tucked down and trying to stay on the bike--as the gusts were even shoving me around!

Pusch Ridge.

The Trek felt like a brand new bike, I'm happy to report. I've also decided to try some 23 x 700 tires that Phil gave me a deal on. I was actually riding pretty strong, like a few miles faster with these I think. I'm a big guy and riding 25's is probably better--and as often the roads are rough, and those bigger tires hold up well. We'll see how these 23's do for rides with Alan. (The Boss couldn't make it out this morning--he didn't miss much for all the wind!)

I went out and was working hard, and I tried to get a tail wind for the way home--but the wind had switched and was a cross-wind on the way back. The big blasts of wind were such that I had to lean into them--this was making me work. I started to think about skipping a planned stop for coffee and just get myself back up to Dog Mtn.

Little Egypt and Rico.

Rico had a good semester at UofA--he worked very hard and I'm proud of him. He was ready for school to be out, that's for sure. Now he's on his way to Lawrence to hang out at KU with mom.

Little Egypt still does the pre-flight checklist thing, like in Afghanistan--

They plan to take a few days driving up, and Little Egypt wants to stop up on the Rez to see her aunt and uncle near Hubble Trading Post.

Callie and Rico.

Have a good trip!

Cheers! Bruce

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce,
Nice blog! Your Trek 2.3 looks well fitted to your height and riding style. Thanks for the link to Ricky's photo--I'll try to find an earlier image of him with Bubba.