Friday, May 07, 2010

Good 1, Evil 0

The dark side of Tucson drivers.

Arrangements were made and I'll drop off my car in the morning for repairs. I'll get a rental car as well. I had a very nice chat with the rep from the Claims Dept and all the repairs are being taken care of by Geico.

In the course of the explanation and discussion, it appears that the fellow who backed into us told a pretty different story than what I said happened--the woman who came forward to me with her name and number as a witness to the accident had the same story as me, so his insurance company will pay all the damages.

So to be brief, Gentle Readers of This Blog--that guy lied.

The rep for the insurance company didn't come out and say it, but I think it was pretty obvious that this was the case. Thank goodness for the witness!

Little Egypt called me to tell me about a Capt. Bishop, Army Chaplin for the 285th, that was with her AZ Nat'l Guard unit those two years in Afghanistan. It turns out that he embellished his military record (he had been a record's clerk) and so he was able to reach the rank of Captain--he also had numerous bronze stars, purple hearts, and elite credentials like Army Ranger, etc, etc--and he was the Chaplin.

From what Little Egypt told me, he was one big fucking prick--and never gave the time of day to any of the NCO's or rank and file. He spent most of his time flyin' round with the helicopter pilots and big shots, and always had a set of armed body guards to protect his Chaplin ass.

He was somehow found out, and now faces 20 years hard labor in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. The thing is that he received, because of his rank and awards, very high combat pay, major benefits--I could go on.

Sadly, there were several young men in the 285th that committed suicide on their return to the USA. Were they having problems, and needed someone to turn to, the Chaplin would be the officer to speak with--a trusted confidant--a spiritual advisor--a mentor. In this case, the man in that position was a fraud.

Living in this one-horse-town, I never thought the war would come to our house--but it did. So many others have had it so bad--two and three deployments, death and horror--Little Egypt will not talk about the reckless and senseless killing of Afghan civilians. My first reaction to the news about this Chaplin, was to say, "Criminals--Rico, your mom was in Afghanistan with a bunch of criminals!"

Our hope is that the Army begins to look a bit deeper into the actions of others in the chain of command--mostly the officers. She is quite sure more criminal activity will be discovered.

We just need to get our True Brave and Honorable Men and Women out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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