Sunday, December 20, 2009

Molino Basin -- Catalina Hwy

A beautiful day to be on the bike.

I met up with fellow Randonneur Alan, and he took me on one of his favorite Tucson training routes--and it was a blast, Gentle Readers of This Blog! It was a most beautiful and sunny weekend for being outside--we saw many riders--all smiles and waves!

The East Coast was being pounded by a blizzard while we enjoyed mid-70's and sunshine. I've had my share of blizzards and snow while at university up in South Dakota, as has Alan, being a Native New Yorker--today the Bike Gods were smiling on us.

Alan leads the way up the Catalina Hwy. We'll ride to Molino Basin and then turn around. Snow is on the road and in the mountains but we won't go that far--it would be too cold.

Today we'll take it a bit easy as both of us have chores and time commitments. I was just getting over my 27 mile commute and sore legs from last week. I like the fact that we started at 8 a.m. Earlier than that means cold and more clothes to carry.

I hope my legs hold up for the climb...

Going up...

We're riding at a good pace and enjoying the sunshine--and it's warm--the sun feels good.

On the way to Molino Basin, up about six miles from the bottom at mile marker zero on the Catalina Hwy.

Alan knows how to train--and let me in on some great ideas to help me get into shape for this coming-up Brevet season. Mt. Lemmon has everything a cyclist needs to gain fitness--from time-trial rider, racer, and randonneur. That's why Lance Armstrong comes out here to ride the Catalina Hwy. We're just riding up to Molino Basin--once--Lance and local Cat 1 and 2 riders will ride up further, and to the top--twice or three times!

I can hold my own on the climbs--it may take me a little while, but I can do it!
If you like to descend, then the Catalina Hwy is for you, mes amis.

Today on the way down there were some cross-winds. I took it easy but Alan went on ahead--you can ride 45 to 50 mph on the way down. Be careful!

Riding up Craycroft for the trip home.

This ride was about 47 miles and I liked the pace we kept. On the way home we took River Rd to avoid some construction on Skyline--now that it was later in the day there would be traffic. We climbed up Craycroft which is long and straight--normally I'm flying down this road at 35 to 40 mph going into the Desert San, which is right at the bottom. I'm glad we made it out on one of the best weekends ever! Cheers! Bruce

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Sir Bikesalot said...

I'm jealous. Not that I didn't have good ride on Saturday in my neck of the woods, but I really want to get back and do the Lemmon again. Theres not too much better than good riding companions, epic scenery, and a smooth running machine beneath you. Looking forward to doing the 200k again with everyone this year.