Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Lance in Tucson

Mr. A Strong in the House

The new Radio Shack Team, with Lance at the helm, is in Tucson for a week of training. I think that's great, but too bad it's turned so cold here. Where the team is staying is not far from the Desert San--so if I were commuting into the office, chances of me seeing them ride past would be 1 in 100 instead of 1 in a million.

There have been pro teams and pro riders around here before--and I've seen them. I rode with some French Canadians one morning as I was heading to UofA where I worked a few years ago. It was pretty apparent they were big-league boys--and I was just a local roadie going to the daily grind. Still, they were enjoying the sunshine and the good roads and bike lanes Tucson has to offer.

This week however, is cold for Team Radio Shack. I wish them the best and I'm glad they're here. Any other time it would be great to ride up Mt. Lemmon--but today the road up is closed because of heavy snow.



Training Camp Blog by Johan Bruyneel -- I think they have video of 'em riding in Tucson


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Yeah, this is cool... I'm glad they like Tucson. When the Big Boys visit, the press helps us get bike lanes and us local cyclists some respect from motorists.