Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bike Lights and Morning Plights

Let There Be Light -- Layton Light

Paul Layton made me a custom Rando-Light, which I will say is more like a laser beam. The advancement here is that these are LED lights, and not just one but four--packed into the casing of an old headlamp I found in the trash at Pima Street Bikes.

My Lumotec Light works best on the fork, for some reason, but the Layton Light works well up high like you see here. The light mounting is from Peter White Cycles, but the light and wiring are made by Paul. There's a new light that's come out that is a step above the historic E-6. I believe its something called the Super Nova--and I have seen a few in operation. They are, Gentle Readers of This Blog, State of the Art--my Layton Light is just as bright I'm happy to report.

Rabbits, rats, rattle snakes, Palo Verde Beetles, and Yak Kers (old ladies on their constitutionals blabbing about daughter-in-laws, grand kids, and loafing husbands) disintegrate instantly should they be in the beam. The role of deer-in-the-headlights is reversed should Bubba or Joe Sixpack be a-traversin' down the hwy with Mamma's bail money, and the Layton Light strike them.

Cold morning (not so cold really) but 90 degrees for the ride home! Dang!

This has been a weird week in Tucson with record 90+ during the day--sometimes a low 49 or 55 for the morning. Even though I need the Layton Light for just about 30 minutes, the light is very bright during the early sunrise--like a burning star on the road. An automobile driver cannot help but take note; a cyclist there appears to be on this route!

Flicky light on the handle bars up high so it catches the eye of drivers.

I have the Jr. Ming the Merciless -Stun Power- Layton Light on my Trek 2.3. Paul will not let me have the up-graded light--the Death Ray model--because that one is reserved for Phoenician Cyclists. Plus, I'm too moody and will use it on old ladies and rednecks without so much as a second thought. It can stop a bus apparently.

Just before 6 p.m. and the lights in the Y parking lot have switched on for the evening.

There is a lot more traffic these days, mes amis--fast and impatient. I know because when I drive my car I too get very impatient with the meek commuters that slow down the 30 and 35 mph as they approach intersections--and they have a green light. And also the dim-wits that reduce speed from 50 mph to 30 mph as they near the speed cameras. The speed limit is 45 mph, and to be lucky enough to get photographed, you have to actually be speeding--hello-- which means you have to driving 56 mph. I think if you went 45 and not 30 thru the camera zone, you'd be safe Fucktard...

Cheers! Bruce


Stefan Walz said...

AH! I'm blind! Struck by the Layton Light I am but a mere fucktard.

Oh you make me smile Floggin' Caulk 'n Ballz!

Dan Trued said...

Time for the welding goggles when playing with home made LED's. Cool light, and mount.